There’s a saying that many elders use, ” Be wise with your words because they have the power to speak life or death into someone.” And it’s actually a very true saying. Have you ever argued with someone so bad that after the argument you thought about it and felt bad? I have, but arguments aren’t meant to be pretty.

Imagine having a pretty argument, yeah it doesn’t even sound right. One day I was upset with my child’s father for his inconsistency, and I said some of the rudest things I’ve ever said to him. Simply, because I allowed his actions and words to garner a reaction from me.

Remember the saying, “If you don’t have nothing nice to say don’t say it all?”

I was always the person to say whatever hit my tongue whether it was cute or not. Sometimes it took me places and many other times it didn’t. After all of these years, I finally understand the saying in the first sentence. Every day, we speak to someone whether old or new, and most times, we aren’t conscious of how we talk.

If we listened to ourselves on recorded lines when we’re angry, sad, happy, etc., we would reconsider how we speak if we begin to understand the purpose of using our words wisely.

Take a moment to listen to yourself today and ask yourself these questions:

1. What do I want to say before I say it?

2. What do I mean by what I’ll say?

3. Does this speak life or death into the person(s) on the receiving end or myself?

4. Will I leave feeling at peace and accomplished after I’ve spoken?

Today as you go about your routine ask yourself these questions before you talk, so all of your words have a purpose. Speaking life into every situation is a task that needs to be worked on every day. I also work at this every day as a learner.

Tell me in the comments below if this is something you need to work on? Which question will you ask yourself first today? 

What’s Your Trigger?

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