Some of you woke up this morning ready to go and prepped for the week. Some of you woke up this morning wondering why Monday? The rest of you woke-up this morning thinking about life in the grand scheme of things and why you aren’t where you dreamt of being at this point.

This article is for you.

People say that your 20’s are for fun and adventure, your 30’s are for refinement and your 40’s are for smooth sailing. Well, this isn’t always the case. Everyday you wake-up, you reflect on your life. You reflect on what you accomplished and even more of what you did not accomplish.

As children we are asked what do we want to be when we grow-up. Then we are told to write down our life dreams in middle school. In high school we make dream boards and post-college you are supposed to accomplish those dreams. When this does not happen, we question ourselves and our self-doubt begins to set in.

… But why?

This happens because we are inevitably hard on ourselves because we are constantly comparing our victories to other people’s victories. We never actually take into account the effort we put towards achieving those goals or lack thereof. Some of us dreamt of becoming lawyers but are currently working in retail. Some dreamt of being an entrepreneur but sell insurance. This does not mean you will not achieve your goal to some capacity. Meaning: some goals/dreams we grow out of and others we grow closer to but we are getting there.

To put it into retrospect, let’s compare personal accomplishments to fitness lifestyle.

Each time you’re exercising and you look at the 20lb weight or a 60lb weight you feel as if you’re never going to achieve that curl-up because you feel stuck in the 15lbs. The key is repetition. You continue to lift the 15lb until you feel compelled and maxed out enough to move to the next weight. You have to condition your body to the motions while lifting the 15lb before you can fully embrace the next weight. You continue this process until you get to the body you want. Now remember the next weight is going to be heavier than the last but once you condition yourself during the rep you’ll be just fine. This is the same with you dreams. You are where you are now until you are fully equipped to move to the next best thing. You continue to do this process until you get to where you have always wanted to be. Once you get there you put in the work to stay there.

So next time you take time to reflect on your life and where you are, remember, you’re where you are to get to where you’re going. You may not get there when you envisioned but appreciate where you are and learn all you need to learn because the next step will be a little harder. But once you condition yourself on the process, you’ll be smooth sailing.

Keep going.



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