As the topic of Black Beauty has become more widely discussed, the beauty industry has quickly grown into an environment that is more diverse and inclusive of individual needs. But nobody knows what products work best than those who they’re intended for, so we’re taking some time to acknowledge the brands who’ve made it a conscious effort to take their personal experiences and build brands that so supply the products that work for the specific needs of people of color.  Whether is a highly pigmented eyeshadow or a great smelling candle that’s toxin-free, we’ve curated a list of some of our favorite black beauty and lifestyle launches that deserve your attention.

DELUX Beauty Round Up

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Black-Owned Beauty and Lifestyle Launches to Help You Transition to Spring

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ASEVIDA Daily Zen Radiance Cream

This blend of age-defying ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea, and Shea Butter and ingredients rooted in ancient beauty rituals such as Reishi, Turmeric, and Ginseng work together to promote bright, rejuvenated and overall beautiful skin. Click here: ASEVIDA Daily Zen Radiance Cream

Bo$$ Up Babe Palette 

The Boss Up Babe palette screams self-love & happiness! With 18 different shades of eyeshadow, this palette was simply created to be a love you can’t live without! Express yourself unapologetically as you choose between hues of nudes, pinks and metallic golds. Fall in love with yourself over and over again! Available here: Bo$$ Up Babe Palette

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Edge Gel

If achieving beautiful sleek styles, taming fly-aways and edges is your goal this release is one you need to know about. This non-alcohol-based formula, infused with Silk Protein, Neem Oil, and natural Flaxseed Oil, provides long-lasting hold without drying out your edges or flaking up. And, as an added positive, leaves your hair looking smooth and shiny! Now available here: Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Edge Gel

Buttah Skin lip Balm

No matter the season, your lips are at risk. Cold temperatures can cause them to crack while warm weather can result in — s bad as intense as peeling! Luckily Buttah Skin has cooked up the perfect recipe for perfect lips! The Buttah Luxe balm was made for individuals with melanin-rich features in mind. With a combination of Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Mango Butter any individual using this product can achieve softer, more hydrated lips that will be noticeable to everyone around them! Click here to order: Buttah Skin lip Balm

Carols Daughter Goddess Strength Collection

Breakage is one of the biggest issues individuals with curly hair experience and based on how you wear your hair can even be unavoidable at times. With this in mind, Carols Daughter has released a line dedicated to strengthening hair and avoiding breakage. Find pre- poos that work to detangle and leave ins that strengthen strands. Packed with castor oil and other vegan ingredients this is a line that will leave your hair flourishing and thanking you in no time! Avaialble here: Carols Daughter Goddess Strength Collection

Yany Skincare Antioxidant Hydrator

This handy antioxidant spray works to improve skin texture and can refresh ones complexion at any time of the day! Made with cruelty-free ingredients and natural fruit extracts the product is not only suitable for all skin types but for numerous uses that all have the same result. Skin that is beautiful, healthy and revitalized! Order here today Yany Skincare Antioxidant Hydrator

The Modern Chameleon Candles

Spring is here and one of the newest black-owned brands we’re checking for is TMC! The brand has a variety of lifestyle items including crystals, room sprays, and smudge; and we’re hooked on the candles. The Modern Chameleon candles are vegan, known for their strong scents, burn time, and fragrance throw! With notes of fruits, plants, spices, and so many more breathtaking scents, rooms will instantly be transformed and hard to forget with these luxury adornments. Get yours today: The Modern Chameleon Candles

Curls Hair Under There Collection

Curls has just released a new line that promotes healthy hair while rocking protective styles, and its bomb! If you’re familiar with wearing wigs, sew-ins, and braids, then you understand the difficulties that come with maintaining healthy hair. From dry, itchy scalp, to split ends, these styles do have their cons. Fortunately, you can place your worries aside as this line offers a detoxifying shampoo, a serum great for scalp care, and a styling pomade to name a few! Infused with vitamins and great for repairing all hair textures these are products you do not want to miss out on. Order here: Curls Hair Under There Collection

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