Many people aspire to have lustrous, gorgeous hair. However, it’s all too easy to get caught up in our hair’s beauty and overlook the health of our hair and scalp. Many companies claim credit for developing products that help revitalize hair, make it appear fuller, and so on. But there seem to be very few products that focus solely on scalp health – which makes it even easier to overlook. Thankfully, one brand recognized the need to educate people on the importance of maintaining the skin of the scalp healthy and created the perfect product to do so. They call themselves Bea’s Bayou

After being diagnosed with Seborrheic dermatitis, Arielle Brown, the founder of the black-owned scalp treatment brand, was inspired to design effective scalp products. Arielle developed a solution that may be applied directly to the scalp to relieve the symptoms of her disease after much investigation. After some time, she noticed that the probiotics and herbs she created not only healed her scalp but also changed her hair into something gorgeous.

Arielle felt that now that her product was working so well, it was time to create her own shop and offer the products to those who were having trouble keeping their scalps healthy. Her previous experience working in creative media allowed her to swiftly combine her skill with her desire to assist others who were experiencing similar issues. The shop quickly grew in popularity, and Arielle began to believe she had discovered her true calling. Her great desire to serve others, as well as her fantastic products, swiftly propelled her to the next level.

Bea’s Bayou has shown true growth since its humble beginnings. The reality of owning a brand has changed the founder’s life for the better. During the journey, she has had the privilege to experience her brand growing and shaping into what it is today. To support the growth of Bea’s Bayou, Arielle renovated her home office. She also has big plans for the future. Thanks to the support of happy customers, Arielle is able to think about future products and what the next steps could be. 

Bea’s Bayou founder Arielle Brown

With deep love and connection to her family, Arielle’s success is intertwined with their support. Her Louisiana-born grandmother Beatrice played an important part in raising her. Arielle was always inspired by her power to turn herbs into natural remedies. That is why she decided to name the brand after her grandmother. Additionally, she played in the bayou around her grandmother’s house when she was a kid. 

Brands created from love and passion truly revolutionize the market. Arielle created Bea’s Bayou with a vision to help others feel better about their scalp and hair while educating the public on the importance of having a scalp routine in mind. 

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