When you wake-up each morning and prepare for the day you do three things:

  1. You brush your teeth & wash your face.
  2. You think about all the things you need to complete.
  3. You pick out your clothes and put them on.

During the third task you dread the process. You dread having to put on that outfit knowing you havenā€™t reached your fitness goals just yet. You say things to yourself like ā€œIf I could just get down a few more poundsā€ or ā€œIf I could just get a shaper.ā€ Some of us go as far as to have one person we idolize because of how amazing their body is. Mine personally is Serena Williams. I look at Serena as if she is the holy grail of all beautiful aesthetics and my ultimate fitness goals.

This is where I/we go wrong.

We constantly look at our bodies as a negative because we have a comparative mindset. Since adolescence we have established a competitive mindset with one another. We have to be the best, and if we are not the best then we are not capable of even making runner up.

This is not true.

Though I want a Serena Williams body, I have to be realistic and realize I am not Serena. A lot of our physical fitness and our body ā€œmake-upā€ is heredity. So for example my large thighs are hereditary. My mother, grandmother and every woman in my family has them. My height comes from my grandfatherā€™s side of the family. So, these things are things I cannot control. There are a ton of things we cannot control but what we can control is what we should focus on. Ā 

Adjust your mindset.

Change thatĀ morning routineĀ listed previously to three ways you can speak better aboutĀ yourself in order toĀ motivate yourself andĀ achieve your goals. Use that one person you model your fitness life after as an example, not the goal. I will never be Serena but I can be fit like Serena. Appreciate where you are now so when you get to where you want to be you can love yourself even more for becoming a better version of you. Never look at where you are as a negative, you are the positive and no one else matters but you.


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