Each day we rise, we either rise with a plan or a schedule. In between this schedule we have to find time to eat. This becomes difficult for the busy mother, independent woman, go-getter man, or business man. So what we tend to do is buy and eat out or dine-in often.

Now, we all have our favorite restaurants and we all have our favorite meals. This is absolutely fine but what is not absolutely fine is the way our bank account statements look each month after 50% of our spending (after bills) is on food. We have turned our quick McDonald’s drive-thru cost into a full crab legs and a few drinks cost. So from about $7.00 to $35.00, this starts to add up financial and it starts to add up physically.

We all have financial goals and a lot of us also have physical goals. Some may be preparing for a wedding, preparing for a big event or simply wanting to look better than ever. These are great goals but our habits are not conducive to the outcomes we want. We have to decide on “to buy or not to buy”.

To buy or not to buy. I ask you one simple question. Why are you buying things you can make yourself? If you cannot make them yourself then why not? There are a bunch of online recipes to look at. When you think of how much you actually pay for a meal at a restaurant I want you to begin to break down the price of everything on the plate. For example: I went to a restaurant and ordered scallops, lemon risotto and asparagus. The price for the meal was $27.49, let’s break this down. Asparagus are about $2.48(per lb) the products to make the risotto are around $6.00 and the scallops vary by size and lb but I only have 6 and they are normally about $15.00lb that will get you about 20 of the small(Whole Food Pricing). So as you can see even with half a lb of scallops my meal to cook at home would be around $15.48 and with a full pound would be $23.48. So, basically, I was overcharged.

Though, I understand I’m paying to have them cook it and I’m paying for the restaraunt overhead. I get it. So i had to quickly understand that I do not want to pay for anyone else’s costs but my own. So I decided to stop being lazy and to create my own meals.

Now, I understand that occasions call for a restaurant and a celebration but if we cut back on how many times we go out a week we can save. We can save money in our pockets for more vacations and other things we want/need and we can save the pounds we put on.
So i ask you this questions again, to buy or not to buy.

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