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Clear skin has become a major goal for many people, but should it be?

There is a big misconception that clear skin is the best type of skin to have. While that is something to strive for, clear skin begins first with a healthy foundation inside and out.

Internally, your skin is a direct reflection of what is going on inside the body. The skin is the largest organ and is such a beautiful masterpiece as it has the ability to heal itself with the power of the white blood cells.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, breakouts in various area of the face reflect where an ailment is in the body. With the Chinese Medicine facial map, you can see that many of the popular areas of breakouts such as middle of forehead, cheeks and jawline reflect ailment in the stomach, liver, kidney, or lungs.

This causes you to ask yourself if you are drinking alcohol, smoking, not drinking enough water or consuming a fatty diet of sugar, salt, gluten, or dairy? More often than not, when you change these things and take on a healthier, nutritious way of living, the breakouts reduce on their own.

Externally, your skin will reflect whiteheads, blackheads, or pus-filled blemishes. While they aren’t fun to have especially around a special event, there are ways that you can reduce them without popping them and ultimately creating dark spots.

Whiteheads are the body’s defense mechanism when it senses bacteria in the pore. The white blood cells rush to the blemish to reduce bacteria and heal on its own. Yes, they may look “ripe and ready to pop” but it’s not really the time to do that. Instead, apply a spot treatment and cold compress to reduce inflammation in the body.

Blackheads are simply bacteria that has been introduced to oxygen which turns it the black color. These can be softened with steam and removed by your skin therapist. You can also pop it yourself if you know how to do it properly without causing scarring. If your blemish is red, painful, and pus-filled, apply a charcoal or sulfur-based mask to blemish to reduce bacteria and detox the skin.

Now that you know what you need to have a healthy foundation on the inside and out, do you know why you get breakouts to begin with?

The truth is that everyone gets breakouts, and no one is exempt from them. They are simply the body’s way of saying something is wrong and needs your help. This is very similar to catching a cold when your immune system is low. Just because you consume Vitamin C and sanitize your hands daily doesn’t mean you won’t get a cold, but you will recover much faster because you took precautions.

Don’t let your breakouts be the thing that stress you out. It is not the end of the world although it may feel like it. Apply your spot treatments when needed and work on getting healthy skin first so that you will be able to get back to clear skin quicker.

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