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The days are getting shorter, and the end of summer is in full swing. This is the last chance to catch outdoor concerts, time on the lake and long nights sipping sangria. Now what happens when you wake up with puffy eyes from too much liquor the night before?

This tip will help you de-puff your eyes instantly and make you look wide awake.

Grab. your. toner.

This special product can be used in many ways. Be sure to reach for a green tea or calming toner instead of rose, witch hazel blends or astringents.

At night, pour toner into 1-2 spots of an ice cube tray. The next morning, pop the cubes out and rub them under your eye for 30 seconds. Your skin will have an instant de-puffed, brightening effect PLUS you can rub the cubes all over your skin for a refresh.

In the morning, if you didn’t have time to set your cubes in the freezer, you can set your toner in the fridge while you get ready for the day. Apply an under-eye mask for an extra boost and spritz the skin with your freshly, chilled toner.

Ladies, if you apply makeup, try a light dab all over of a homemade tinted moisturizer and then finish with another spritz of the toner for a super dewy end-of-summer look.

Now look at you!

Those eyes are nice and de-puffed.

Need a little more oomph? Invest in a quality eye gel and apply nightly for at least one month for best results. Follow me on Instagram @ninaskinstudio for more beauty & skin tips!


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