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The Chinese use ancient methods such as tai chi, acupuncture, and other healing remedies for the body. They believe that the body is connected, and every organ, muscle and nerve must work together for proper balance.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, if your skin is not healthy, there is a great chance that different parts of the body are sick as well. Chinese facial mapping is used to figure out exactly where an ailment is in the body.

Where is your acne or breakout located? Use the following information to work on healing the body and your skin.

Sides of forehead – Indicates digestive issues. Reduce processed foods, wheat, and dairy.

Between the eyes – Indicates liver issues. Reduce alcohol intake and eliminate allergens.

Around eyes – Indicated by dark circles and indicates kidney issues. Increase water, tea and 100% juice intake.

Nose – Indicates cardiovascular/heart issue. Reduce makeup buildup, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Temples/Ears – Indicates kidney issues. Reduce sugar, alcohol, and soda intake.

Cheeks – Indicates respiratory or lung issues. Reduce smoking and increase fresh-air intake. Increase alkaline food diet of green vegetables, onions, peppers, avocado and kiwi-fruit. Avoid sugar and clean phones daily.

Jawline – Indicate hormonal or stress issue. Reduce stress and eat leafy greens.

Chin – Indicate stomach or digestion issues. Avoid processed foods and sugars. Drink peppermint teas.

It is recommended to incorporate an increase in water intake and sleep to accelerate the healing process for your skin whether you have blemishes or not.

If you have breakouts in any of these areas, incorporate some of these tips into your lifestyle.

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