I’m all for unity and everyone getting along. I’m definitely an advocate for supporting your friends. I’m even understanding of the martyr complex and how when you see someone in need—and you’ve been in their shoes—you do what you can to help them. What I don’t understand is sticking up for someone who would probably not even spit on you if you were on fire. What I can’t and will not get onboard with is black people always running to the defense of white folks when they are being crucified for disrespecting a black person. 

Because when the hell do they do it for us?

As always, we stick our necks out for them while they continue to stab us in the back or leave us sitting on that limb by ourselves when the Calvary has turned on us.

Which is why Mo’Nique has decided to step up and come to the Captain Save-A-White-Woman rescue for Roseanne Barr. Since she knows what it’s like to be on the ugly side of Hollywood, Mo’Nique felt it was her duty to help her “sister in comedy” out by doing her a solid and speaking on her behalf.

Because of course this has worked so well for her too right? Right. And Roseanne was one of the first people to come to Mo’Nique’s rescue when she was going through it with Netflix earlier this year too right? Yeah I don’t think so.

Anyway, Monique has recently spoken up about her friendship with Barr and how she has encountered a variety of isms like racism, sexism, and exclusion in Hollywood—and how she won’t be a part of doing the same to Barr.

“Roseanne Barr is my sister in comedy, and she’s my universal sister,” Mo’Nique said about the disgraced comedian. “And what I won’t do, Sam, is throw her away for making a mistake.”


Now when Netflix doesn’t want to pay her as much as other comedians, Mo’Nique calls out the industry for being racist and sexist. And truth be told, she’s probably right! But when her friend actually says some racist shit, she “won’t throw her away.” You can’t speak your truth about inequality, then turn around and back track when it comes to someone you know. Nope it doesn’t work like that.

I’m so tired of black folks who are constantly disrespected running to pardon those who are doing the disrespecting. I wish I could get POC to understand making the pivot to get that Trump/white supremacist money is never the play. ever. 

Not to mention, this is hardly the first time Roseanne has said something racist on Twitter or aloud period. 

This whole situation surrounding Roseanne and her longest run of crying white tears spectacle has reached a whole new low. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, I’m speaking on her ignorant and racist comments regarding Valerie Jarrett back in May. The old hag took to Twitter and voiced her opinions (which has been deleted) regarding Jarrett’s physical and genetic makeup stating, “Jarrett was the product of the Muslim brotherhood + Planet of the Apes.”

Since white privilege is a crippling illness, Barr thought she was invincible after Trump gave her a special shout out on Twitter. Unbeknownst to her, most folks despise him, racism is not okay and calling black people monkeys is still extremely fucking offensive.

After the alabaster crypt-keeper caught a whiff of Black Twitter’s backlash and lost her show—she started backtracking and blaming her comments on the fact she thought Jarrett was white (bullshit) and when that didn’t work, she decided to go with white people’s racist default (more bullshit)— the mental illness spiel. Holding on tight to her white privilege reigns, Roseanne did a lean with-rock with it and blamed it all on her medication, Ambien. After watching her latest interview, I don’t doubt she’s strung out on something, however nobody was buying the whole “Ambien made me do it,” story.

Fast forward a month, Roseanne took her drunken, I’m high off something, cry me a river of white tears act on the road. Like most, I thought Barr had crawled into a hole and decided to hibernate (because that’s what Ambien really makes you do) and shut the hell up. But no, because it’s America and we’re forced to deal with white people and their constant drama, Barr decided to throw more fuel on the flame. Appearing on Fox News with Sean Hannity, Barr did some more back-peddling by stating the tweet was “ill-worded” and her intent was never to hurt anyone.  

All of that went out the window due to her YouTube rant she did prior to the interview.

“I‘m sorry that you feel harm and hurt, I never meant that. I thought the bitch was white!” Barr said about Jarrett.

Yet this is the person Mo’Nique is defending. The first situation though we all know it wasn’t could be classified as a lapse in judgment. But, when you come back and are still being disrespectful to a woman who could care less about you—nothing about what you did was accidental.

But still, Mo’Nique has her cape on.

“Yes, my sister made a mistake. And she said something that I know she wishes she could take back. But what I would ask is that we don’t throw her away,” Mo’Nique pleaded. “The consequence is what the consequence is. But I know what it is, Sam, to be thrown away based off a lie.”

Mo’Nique continued her interviewing with saying Barr was there for her during her late-night show era, when other black stars were unwilling to appear and was warned to stay away.

Enter the black people made me do it so this why I am defending the racist, white lady defense. “That woman, when we called, it wasn’t a question,” Mo’Nique said about Barr.

She continued with speaking on how Barr did her a solid by imparting some words of wisdom and advice to her about some of her fellow white counterparts in the industry. As the interview concluded, Mo’Nique made it explicitly clear she’s going to continue standing by Barr her friend who we didn’t hear say much when she was under fire.

“I love you. I know you made a mistake. I know you messed up, but I still won’t throw you away. I won’t put you on the ‘racist’ list and say, ‘Oh, never again.’ That is my sister,” she said. 

Seems like those white tears paid off for Barr after all—and there is once again another black person ready to throw herself on the sword for somebody else’s cause. 

Meanwhile, I’m sitting over here like…

Ehhh I wonder what monkey species would Roseanne say Mo’Nique looks like.



Roseanne Can Save Her White Tears….Cause IDGAF


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