Warm weather means beaches, pools and just a fun time. What it also means is major oiliness on the skin after a long day. Why does this happen?

In the summer, the heat and humidity cause our sebaceous glands to produce more oil. This is where we go past the “dewy” look and skip right into looking like total grease balls.

Beyond the heat, our skin can also product more oil due to hormones, diet, using drying products or other changes to the body.

Having oily skin is not the same as having acne-prone skin. Acne happens when the oil and bacteria get trapped under dead skin cells leading to inflammation and breakouts. In this case, you want to visit a skincare professional or dermatologist to help you find a regimen that works for you.

The good news is that controlling oil production is actually an easy fix.

Here are a few things you can do tonight to get your skin back in balance.

Use a gentle exfoliant that won’t over-dry your skin. You want a balancing cleanser that has hydrating ingredients such as aloe and calendula. This way your skin can maintain a natural balance of moisture.

This is super important to help unclog the pores. If you don’t unclog the pores, you leave dirt, sweat, sebum and bacteria in the pores which can lead to breakouts. Use a gentle exfoliant with salicylic acid twice a week to reveal fresh skin.

Lightly Moisturize.
In this season, you really want a light moisturizer. Read the label and select an ‘oil-free’ option. These products are water-based and really hydrate without feeling heavy on the skin. Plus you can apply this under your makeup or alone. Don’t forget to also select sunscreen to apply in the day.


Do you have oily skin? Share below your favorite product picks. 

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