As we wrap up the end of our week after Sunday dinner we are already dreading. We are dreading the idea that tomorrow starts another work week. We are dreading the idea that tomorrow I have to get up early in the morning to do something I really do not want to do. We are dreading the idea of starting over. Though, why do we dread this idea?

We dread this idea because having to go to work and start over means something more we have to do or we have to go back to our “regularly scheduled programming” after a fun and relaxing weekend. I get it. So the next questions is how do we reclaim the meaning of Mondays?

Monday is the first day of a 7 day cycle. This cycle repeats about 52 times a year. So we have 52 times to make Monday better and to start our week off better. If you do not start the week off on a good foot you are probably going to be fighting to finish it off strong (and burning yourself out) or just go on auto-pilot for the rest of the week. This is not what you want to do. You want to start off strong and end it even stronger. Here are some ways to get get energized about your week and reclaim the meaning of Monday’s.

  1. On Sunday write down all the things you need to get accomplished that week: This shifts your mindset to be motivated to complete these tasks.
  2. Eat well over the weekend and try to plan some meals out during the week: Eating clean & healthy helps your body stay functioning properly, provides you with energy and helps keep your mind flowing throughout the day/week.
  3. Keep some motivation on hand: Some people use sticky notes or put a new lock screen on their phone to keep  them motivated towards their goals.
  4. Remember your job is not holding you back: Sometimes you are. Some people wake-up everyday upset with their job when actually if they motivated themselves enough they would be preparing for the next one.
  5. Take time to pray, meditate or bring yourself to center before work each day: This helps keep stress levels down and helps keep focus.
  6. Exercise: Exercising helps with stress levels, keep your body healthy and functioning properly, helps with self confidence and overall helps redefine you.
  7. At the end of Monday remember you have 6 days to continue to stay motivated: Repeat this cycle.

These 7 tips will help you in your mind-shift about Mondays. They really are the most important day of the week because it’s the kick-starter. Remember in everything you do in life you want to go off on a good foot. Here is your good foot.

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