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Diversity has been a hot button topic in the media for at least the past year. With a lot of talk stemming around the lack of diversity in tech companies, many other industries began to take a self-evaluation of themselves and some found the same to be true for them. There has been a national conversation about this topic. Why does the business landscape not look like our national makeup? Why is there a lack of diversity in board rooms across the country? Why are so many voices not at the table that should be there?


In marketing the same is true. It has been plagued by a lack of diversity for many years. A lack of diversity yields a lack of inclusive thought. Inclusive thought is what brings about the most creative and culturally-sensitive work from any brand. Creativity needs diversity, not only in racial makeup but also in gender, culture, and the like. Each brings an unique voice to the table.


Not only does marketing need diversity during the strategy creation and implementation phases, it is also needed in its advertisements as well. There has been some improvement in this area, but more is definitely needed. There are many types of couples, families, groups of friends, etc and we should see more of them represented especially in areas where this diversity is seen in everyday life. The marketing and advertising material should match the demographic of the people that utilize the product/service and live in the area where the ads will run. People want to feel as if they are a part of the brand and seeing themselves represented in advertising helps a lot.
The time is now to ramp it up and begin to make our companies and our marketing look more like the people we service. This initiative is one that is being driven by tech companies that we all can readily embrace. Beyond just the visual makeup of the team’s, inclusion is necessary. Inclusive thought brings about the most innovative and creative ideas. We can go much further in our marketing, advertising, technology, and overall business initiatives if we include ideas and thoughts from people of all walks of life.

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