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Summertime has always been the season for action-packed blockbusters or suspense thrillers. Lazy hazy days to catch a matinee or late-night movie nights with friends or that special someone. Let’s look at what are the more interesting films to check out, midsummer. Truthfully speaking, I’m looking forward to a few big tent pole films, along with a nice amount of soon to be overlooked movies. All quality popcorn crunchers. Trust me:

July 4th:

“The First Purge”– A prequel to the pessimistic Purge series. From the promo materials, seems as if our current administration was the inspiration for this treacherous/bloody saga.

“Nico”– A Documentary about Andy Warhol’s band The Velvet Underground’s lead singer, Nico. How in 1988, she went on tour to attempt to revive her career & reconnect with her estranged son. Limited screens nationwide.


July 6th:

“Ant-Man & The Wasp”– Following Marvel’s Infinity War, the silly superhero is back with help from his would be partner in crime. Everyone is going to see this just to see how it connects to the rest of the ten-year story we’ve been following from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Special effects will be worth the ticket price alone.

“Sorry to Bother You”-A telemarketer finds a key that unlocks success in the corporate world and forces the main character to choose between what’s helpful to self and what’s right. Limited release but worth looking for. Starring Tessa Thompson and written/directed by Boots Riley.

“Whitney”– A documentary which shows the rise of a chosen voice. How she impressed the entire planet, and the tragic missteps made that took her from the world too soon. Follow the life of Whitney Houston in this next level deep dive. Limited release shouldn’t stop you from checking this out, wherever you live.


July 13th:

“Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation”– Since the first two animated Happy Madison family films did so well, why not have Halloween themed monsters soaking up some Summer Box office dollars. All-star cast your kids are probably already familiar with. Easy choice for any parent.

“Skyscraper”– Dwayne Johnson stars in a seemingly non-stop action thriller as an ex FBI Hostage Negotiator whose family is ironically being held hostage. Imagine Die Hard with a handi-capable one-legged John McClane. As many films as the Rock has been in, I believe this is his true debutant ball of action flicks.

“Eighth Grade”– Written and Directed by super genius comedian Bo Burnham, this film attempts to give you the feeling of an awkward eighth grader enduring drama in the last week of middle school. I expect this to be surreal and appreciated.


July 20th:

“The Equalizer 2”– We all know Denzel doesn’t really do sequels. I also think we know Denzel is in that pocket of his career where he is having a good time and doing whatever his heart desires. If Liam Neeson can do four Taken movies—Mr. Washington can have six Equalizer movies. Lots of quick thinking and fast moving.

“Mama-Mia: Here We Go Again”– Uhhhhhhh, *ahem* Having never taken the time to watch the first Mama-Mia, I can only give you what I know. The first one was about a mother who sees the three men that could possibly be the father of her daughter, at the daughter’s wedding. This is the prequel to how she met the three men and possibly got pregnant while dating all three back to back. Oh, and the music of ABBA is the backdrop to this messy story. People seem to really like it. Enjoy?!?

“Blindspotting”– Class and race are prevalent topics in this movie based in Oakland. Starring Daveed Diggs (the bummy uncle on black-ish or the kimmy Schmidt’s love interest in season 2). The trailer looks really good, and it’s not getting much press. It’s a limited release so look out for this one.


July 27th:

“Mission Impossible: Fallout”– Tom Cruise is back to do all his own stunts. All-star cast. Action packed. Basically, another movie for the adrenaline junkie who’s trying to get a buzz. This series just keeps trying to outdo itself. It may just succeed again, looking at the trailer. Jeez.

“Teen Titans Go to The Movies”– So the new all comedy/no drama version of TT is finally hitting the big screen. Seeing as though DC Comics does way better with animation than live action, they’ve decided to give a very popular animated show a movie budget. Hopefully the die-hard fans of this property will help this be as big as the studio hopes.

“Scotty & The Secret History of Hollywood”– This eye-opening documentary exposes some of the ugly truths of Scotty Bowers and his job of procuring sexual partners for the stars. Some would call that pimping. Others would call it sex trafficking. Limited release on this one.



Well friends, that’s my list of “Rockwell’s Must-See Movies” for July. If you see anything on here that sounds awesome, please indulge. If I missed anything off the list that is a MUST SEE, mention it in the comments below. Talk to you soon.