comedy beef

Is comedian beef, the new beef?

In the past few months, comedians such as Michael Blackson, Katt Williams and Mike Epps have been having a common beef, or disagreement with someone specific—Kevin Hart. The instance just this year was Kevin Hart and Michael Blackson. Kevin spoke about cheating on his wife and turned lemons into lemonade by making the scandal into a comedy tour, but Michael Blackson felt the need to speak on it and even joke about it.

“It’s like you can talk about your sister—but nobody can else do it.” Blackson made jokes about Hart saying he should have changed his story and not admitted to cheating. Hart didn’t take his comments lightly and he responded on the Breakfast Club by saying, “Michael was looking for likes and he’s jeopardizing his relationship with him, just to get some attention.”

The back and forth went on for a couple months until they finally squashed it in April. Months later, Hart and Mike Epps had some exchanging of words. Epps replied to a fan’s comment on Instagram by saying, “Everybody was funnier than Kevin Hart.” Of course, Hart didn’t take that lightly and responded to Epps on Instagram calling him bitter and stating he wants to see him win as well.

comedy beef

He added that if his success makes Epps sick, then he’ll hand him a throw up bucket because this next year will be his best year. Epps responded back on Instagram, stating, “Kevin is “starving” to be a victim and he talks about everybody.”

He continued with pointing out everybody has something to say about Hart, so he shouldn’t be singled out. Both Epps and Hart have been cool for years, and he states there isn’t a beef, and if it was he wouldn’t have responded. The last thing he said in that moment on Instagram was “Like I told you face to face Congrats on everything man. You seem to be a great person…but I still don’t think yo a** funny.”

Epps appeared on the Breakfast Club, Monday to briefly talk about the situation. Epps stated the comment was  just his opinion and that it shouldn’t be taken seriously. The feud has simmered down between the two…for now.

Lastly, Katt Williams and Kevin Hart are exchanging shots once again. Recently, it started when Katt Williams went onto a radio show talking about Tiffany Haddish. Williams stated he felt she hadn’t proven her ability to tell jokes and that she hadn’t earned her stripes in the comedy world like other female comedians.

Since Haddish is like sister to Hart, he felt the need to speak out in her defense. Hart stated Williams chose drugs and became a risk to production studios. Naturally, it was the reason why people choose not to work with him.

Hart also stated Williams needs to stop shitting on Haddish’s life because he may not be happy with his own shit. Since then, Williams has apologized to Haddish and even bowed down to her in person when he saw her at the Oscars.

Hart stated he doesn’t care about the apology Williams gave Haddish, even though she accepted it. He says that Williams should’ve never said anything negative about a woman of color that’s getting her shot.

As of late, it seems like Kevin Hart has been targeted in these comedy beefs, if that’s what you want to call it. Is it because he’s more successful than the other comedians, or is he playing victim?

Could he be involving himself in “some” of this commotion, or is it a mixture of all three? Is Mike Epps right when he says that Kevin Hart isn’t that funny? Does Michael Blackson do the most, and was he out of line for making jokes about Kevin? Did Kevin have to involve himself in the Tiffany and Katt commotion—could he have kept it brief on his feelings—or not said anything at all?

So many questions. Tell me your thoughts comment your thoughts below.

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