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Whether it’s cut, weaved, curled, shaved, natural, dyed, or laid to the side, your style of hair is your statement to the world. It’s your crown of glory and some may even argue that it’s your identity.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best or keep up with beauty trends.  In fact, when it comes to getting our hair done, we’re not shy at all about breaking the budget.  Just last year, hair care maxed out at 24% of the $56 billion generated from the beauty industry.  Did you read that? FIFTY-SIX BILLION DOLLARS! I’m in the wrong field!

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  Everywhere you turn there’s a new product for every grade of hair. Good hair… better hair… great hair. What bad hair? Seriously, there are thousands of products and we’re all looking for the best ones that supplement our specific grade of hair. Especially those of us who are rocking it natural.

That’s where natural hair blogger, Annisa LiMara steps in.  Coming straight out of Jackson, Mississippi, Annisa LiMara was one of those girls who kept the beauty salon inked in her weekly calendar.

AL: I’m originally from Jackson, MS and extremely proud to be from the south! A big tradition in the south is getting our hair done on Saturday mornings so hair has always played an integral part of my life. I’ve been natural for 11 years now and it took a lot of patience in learning how my hair responds to different methods, etc. and tons of trial and error (bad haircuts and botched color lol)!

On top of looking for the best products, we’re infatuated with hundreds of styles and learning what works and what doesn’t.  Being a trusted natural hair blogger, Annisa LiMara is helping hundreds of women and men figure out the best products, styling, color and even dish out some helpful hair protection tips.

AL: I honestly learned a lot from others in the natural hair community and so my knowledge of it just grew over time because I’ve always been passionate about hair care so it was such a natural process for me.

The expectation of what your hair will be like as it relates to curl pattern or texture! I can’t count how many times I’ve been asked “how do I find my curl pattern” or “how do I get my hair to curl?”  I understand where these women are coming from and social media is oversaturated with images of curly natural hair so it’s easy for people to assume how their hair is going to come out and they base their experience on someone else’s which often times lead to disappointment because it’s not as curly, thick, etc. as so and so’s.

I had absolutely no idea that my hair was curly until I went natural but I had no expectations either so I make it a point to say what works for MY hair and for my followers to think of their hair in terms of density, porosity, etc. so that they can see that it’s based on individual experience and their unique hair texture. I’m just a reference point and sharing my experience – I always stress that it’s NOT an exact science! I appreciate my followers so much but I always want them to know that at the end of the day, they have to do the work and do what’s best for them!

Annisa LiMara has done a fantastic job with spreading her message of great hair care and simply doing what’s best for your hair.  Her YouTube subscription alone is well over 25,000 and growing.  Obviously she’s doing something right.

Well, it wasn’t exactly easy getting started, but I will say, staying true to her passion has given light to her purpose.

AL: The only decision I made consciously was what I wanted to film (my content) and my lighting step up LOL I didn’t have a step by step guide that I went by – I literally just followed my gut and went with the flow. The hard part was sorting through various resources and not being afraid to ask for help when needed — very crucial at every step in this journey. There has always been a method to my madness in trying to stay disciplined and consistent but still being free spirited.

I’ve always been passionate about everything I’ve created so I always stress to always go with your gut instinct, be consistent and have fun! I also encourage to go after YOUR passion, not someone else’s because if you’re just doing something because someone else is doing it, your lack of authenticity and sincerity WILL show.

Absolutely! Over the years Annisa LiMara’s passion has boosted her business and opened doors for growth. Not only is she a natural hair blogger, her skills stretch into fashion designer, artist, and content creator. This Jill-of-All-Beauty-Trades is quickly becoming a force hard to ignored. She stated it’s a challenge balancing all of these amazing skill-sets, but she welcomes the challenge and promises to stay true to her brand… being free spirited and doing what she loves.

AL: My expectations and the goals that I’ve set to match those expectations scare me to death – but that’s how I know I’m on the right path. There is no set guideline to how to be successful, however, my goals for 2017 is to work on those things that don’t require actual talent but a strong mindset such as discipline, execution, etc. Honing in on a more focused mindset and getting out of your own way is the ONLY thing that is ever in most people’s way so I plan on developing this part of myself to achieve my goals.

I also think that educating one’s self and studying your craft is vital so I’ll be taking some courses next year and also doing some teaching in my field which I’m extremely excited about! That is what success is to me. Being able to share what and who I am in my talents and being excited about it and have others be excited which will in turn make others excited about it as well – just living in your inspired truth.

My inspired truth is that I’m an artist and I will always and forever be sensitive about my…(cues Erykah Badu haha)

I’m my best when I stay in my own lane and compete against myself – it doesn’t matter how many people are in the same industry as me, no one will ever be able to do what I do, the way I do it. And vice versa. This is what is so beautiful about this industry is that even though it is saturated, there is always room for everybody – just in different levels and facets.

Everyone that knows me, knows that I’m a creative and more importantly, I’ve known it since youth and that in and of itself makes me confident in what I do.  I was born to do this…that is how I stand out.

That she is.  Not all the excitement of her success is flowing to her head. Annisa LiMara understands the value in being an inspiration to other women.

AL: Especially when it comes to black women. Our struggle is so nuanced and beautiful so it’s important to be a voice where so many women may not have the courage, the resources or the opportunity. It definitely comes with a lot of responsibility, but I don’t take the opportunity I’ve been given lightly and I embrace it which in turns inspires other women to embrace the beauty in themselves and being true to who they are in their individuality.

Since the wave of natural hair acceptance, black women have embraced their natural hair – kinks, curls and all. It’s amazing how accepting the beauty you’ve been blessed to have boosts your confidence.

AL: I’m always inspired and mesmerized with all of the black beauties in this industry and how we are now validating ourselves instead of waiting for society to validate us — seeing your beauty reflected in the eyes of your sister is ground breaking considering the history that was meant to break us.

We are now able to write our own stories and put back on our crowns.

2017 will be a big year for Annisa LiMara, as she prepares to launch a new website next month and release some awesome events and workshops I’m sure you don’t want to miss. Expect the greatest of her platform featuring beauty, love and culture which I have no doubt will increase the open doors for her brand!

annisa limara