self bullying

Stand Up to Yourself: It’s All In Your Mind

Around the nation, bullying has been a continuous topic of conversation.  We, and yes I’m including myself, tend to hinder our own progress just with our negative thoughts.  Ill words may not even be escape our lips, but as we contemplate our next move or wonder about what tomorrow may bring, our thoughts can become ugly with doubt.  That in a sense is bullying. When we doubt ourselves and our God-given abilities, we are bullying ourselves.

I’m sure you’ve heard it time and time again, so it won’t hurt to hear it just one more time.  Your thoughts and the words you speak are powerful – a direct cause and effect.

You already know this, but you can do all things.  You were created to be a creator, so how could you not?  The biggest challenge in facing challenges is YOU…you and me.  We have the self-motivation, bust at times we step in our own way from just making things happen.

We’re human and like humans, we doubt… we worry… we struggle.  The question is, how do we stop the self-bullying? How do we stand up to ourselves?

Well, here’s what I’ve learned…

  • Be careful about the things you feed into your mind just as you are careful about the personalities you are surrounded by.


  • Change the way you speak. Transition that inner conversation from doubt and worry to determination and winning.   The moment you start hearing that negative voice ringing in your head, telling you what you cannot do, shut it down.  Stand up to yourself.  Even if you have to say it aloud, tell yourself that you are more that capable of achieving your goals.


  • Your dreams… your ambition is nothing small. Stop limiting your vision.  Expand your territory by expanding your views on life and what you have to offer it… not simply relying on what it has to offer to you.


  • Faith without works is dead so, keep reminding yourself how great you are while putting in the work to achieve your goals.


  • Visualize your success. See yourself in that place you desire to be.  That job.  That car.  That house. That husband.  That wife.  Those children.  That vacation.  That raise.  That office building.  That political appointment.  That partnership.  That client.  That ideal weight.  Whatever it is… see yourself already there.


All I’m saying is, believe it or not, you have the ability to end your own self-bullying. Stand up to yourself and take control of your destiny.  You deserve it.