Knowing that you are in the middle of WILL and SKILL.  Understanding that at some point you have to make a move for greater.  But how do you achieve that?  You’re focused, you’re pushing and pulling at your dreams, but you’re going NOWHERE fast!

How does this happen?
I’ll tell you.  I mean I can, because I’ve been there and sometimes I feel myself slipping back into that corner.
Here’s what you must CHANGE
1) MINDSET.  Get it together. Stop doubting yourself. You are worth it! Say it over and over until every fiber in your body believes and feels it! You can win.  You are a champion! Success isn’t easy, but YOU have the power to conquer it!
2) ENVIRONMENT.  Many times our environment or the people we hang around hold us back from reaching our full potential because their vision is limited. They have no will power to go for more.  They are complacent and after a while, you will be too.  You begin to feed into their complaints and negative opinions. You start shifting mentally back into that lazy state of not even caring anymore.
3) SOCIETY. Most people wanna follow the society rules of getting an education, get a job, get married, raise a family, retire, get a part- time job because retirement ain’t footing the bills these days and then you DIE.
Nope! Not what You were put on this earth to do.  Your life has so much value and you owe it to the world to harness it! What society calls life to me, is death. You only have one life to live. Are you going to live it or be a robot?
4) WILL and SKILL.  You have the will and the skill to make things happen. You have to be able to meet your mental strength with your gifts. When you pull those things together no one can stop you.  No one can limit your success. No one can take away your GRIND!
YOU are far more important than you believe you are. START BELIEVING. START MOVING!  Here’s a book suggestion to help you along the way, Instinct: The Power to Unleash Your Inborn Drive.