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So it finally happened, you’ve graduated College, you’re fresh out the dorms and into your first apartment. The thrill of being on your own has taken over. No mom to be on you about cleaning up, none of your bros putting socks on the door, you are a fully functioning, responsible adult…well sort of.


Seeing how you are not sure how you survived the last 4 years off of ramen and soda, the grocery store still has a shroud of mystery over it.  From your past experiences, it’s a magical place where your mom goes in  and cooked food comes out, but now you’re inside and you feel like you’re one of the last maze runners? In my many experiences in the grocery store, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve seen single black men in the grocery store with a competent grasp of how to stock up on food for two weeks.  And let’s be clear, there is a proper way to do it. Through my many failed attempts, I have figured out a nice little way to help us brothers survive the grocery store and eat like a king on a shoe string budget.  Lets get started


Location, Location

If you’re like me, I am in love with Publix. When I first got on my own I had Publix taste, but I was living on a QuikTrip budget.  I would come in with $60.00 for the week and by the time I purchased three items from the deli, a 12 pack of soda, and got to the line to pay I would be $30 dollars over my limit.  So I had to start doing some research. I discovered to get the biggest bang for my buck, I was going to have to be very selective about where I went to shop. Because nothing says adulting” like a moderately stocked fridge.  While I do understand quality over quantity, I have compiled three stores that have quality food at a decent price. With these options, you can maximize your shopping experience and still keep some cash in your pockets to put away for whatever you need.


I first was introduced to the wonderland that is Kroger’s at 15. I was hired and fired the very same day, though for the six hours I was employed, I fell in love with the place. Kroger’s have great deals almost every single day of the week, and every week of the month. Though, a lot of stores offer member cards,  Kroger’s is the only one that I’ve actually seen work. Sixty dollars goes a long away in a place like Kroger’s. And depending on the sales I’ve seen, a $60.00 tab can easily go down to as low as $45.00 using my Kroger plus card.



Ok, so I know Walmart can be a sideshow.  From a guaranteed fight breaking out at anytime over the last bag of frozen chicken wings to the random customer stripping naked running through the fabric aisle, Walmart can be a bit of a headache.  But when you get past the show. The prices at Wally’s world are spectacular and they offer a wonderful selection of food.  If you can get past the wrestling matches and other sideshows Walmart is a shoppers dream.  There isn’t much drop off in taste between the name brand and their Great value brand, So make you a list and stay focused; because I don’t know anyone who just walks in Walmart and gets exactly what the came for and nothing more.



Sprouts is God in the form of grocery stores. They are clean, the food is fresh, the presentation is amazing, and most importantly the prices are angelic.  I love Sprouts because you get to step away from your everyday grocery store.  You ever watch a movie and there is a scene in the grocery store, where everyone seems to know each other? You know what scene I’m referring to, when they stop in the middle of the store and talk about their week, while they set up their neighborhood game nights? Well, that’s Sprouts in a nutshell. With the fresh produce in the middle of the store, it gives the store a real elegant feel. Your $60 dollars will spend like a $100, and you will leave satisfied knowing your money got you top quality food.


When it’s all said and done, you want the best food and the most food for your money.  Finding the right places to go is almost as important as what you get.  Just remember to take your time, MAKE A LIST,  and when you’re in there stay focused.  Don’t get distracted by name brand things because usually the price is doubled and the taste isn’t that much of a drop off.  At first, disciplining your self will be uncomfortable, but once you get use to having a strict budget for your food it will be a breeze.

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