Ledisi is back and this time she is bringing all the feels for her new summer hit ‘High’. The nine-time Grammy-nominated R&B, soul singer continues to wow us  giving us nothing but effortless hit after hit soulful tunes. Being off the music scene for a little while, gave Ledisi just the right amount of time to come back swinging. ‘High’ is her fist single off her much-anticipated forthcoming album.

Starting off with lyrics like “It feels so good to be back again,” Ledisi is singing in a light soft tone over some over some strong horns and keys.  She grabs you in slowly to get you comfortable with the groove of the song.. and then BOOM!  She gives you this hook where she expresses how just like Mary J. Blige,  she is over the DRAMA! Ledisi is done with the hard times. “High” is a good song for those who love cruising in the car, going for late night walks in the park,  or just relaxing in a stress free LIFE. A great choice of song to start your day with.

Debuting the single on OkayPlayer.com on the cut Ledisi is celebrating herself, giving us pure soul like the old greats such a Smokey Robinson and Marvin Gaye. She is giving us LOVE, POSITIVE ENERGY, and good ole fashion HAPPINESS.

Touring with Maxwell‘s ‘blackSUMMERS’ night Tour 17  you’ll have the chance to check her out, but don’t wait to long the tour ends June 23.







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