Frizz Fest is an annual natural beauty festival that embraces and glorifies not only natural beauty, but self love as well. The event is put together by a nonprofit organization called Frizzy By Nature, which was created by Leslie Hughes. Sometimes, as a woman, it’s easy and not healthy to neglect our self-care and even not seeing our worth. Leslie wants women to be inspired and embrace themselves with her movement. DELUX was able to talk with her about the festival, natural beauty and the future of Frizz Fest.

DELUX: What inspired Frizz Fest to be more than about hair but natural beauty?

Leslie: My mission with Frizz Fest and my organization Frizzy by Nature, LLC is to encourage self-love and inspire confidence of women. Self-love is much more than rocking your natural hair, its deeper than that. Self-love and confidence begins within, and I believe that is the true meaning of natural beauty.

DELUX: That is true! Why do you feel that it’s important to embrace your natural beauty and not always buy into the stereotypes of what men or the media want women to look like ?

Leslie: You have to love yourself for you, trying to keep up with stereotypes and unrealistic standards of beauty will not lead to happiness. Once you feel good about who are as a person and practice self-love, outside opinions won’t even matter.

DELUX: I agree. So, have you always felt confident with your natural beauty?

Leslie: No, I went through many stages of life where I didn’t always feel confident or beautiful. But as I got older and grew into womanhood, I started accepting the true version of me, and it feels much better than trying to be someone I wasn’t.

DELUX: Since Frizzfest is already a big event in St. Louis being that you’ve had big sponsors and over 1000 people come out in the past, what do you want the future to be like for Frizzfest?

Leslie: Honestly the sky is the limit and after each event we learn so much and realize areas of opportunity. We also take into account feedback from the attendees and try to incorporate different aspects based of that. The goal is to always make sure we are creating a space where everyone feels welcome and can just have a good time being exactly themselves. Yes, I want it to keep expanding in number and possibly into other markets but ultimately I want it to keep that same feel good, family type energy no matter how big it gets.

DELUX: Would you consider putting together other natural beauty events, or even a conference ?

Leslie: Yes, for sure….just wait on it! (lol)

DELUX: What message do you want to send with your Frizz Fest or your organization in general?

Leslie: Truly love yourself, unconditionally…because only then can you be the best version of you. I know I mention it all throughout but self-love is really where it’s at! It’s a must!

Come out and support Frizz Fest on July 20th from 12-6pm. It is a free event and for more information, visit

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