For the past 10 years or so we’ve been force fed a relatively steady diet of Aubrey Graham. Most years (if not every) since So Far Gone was released, there has been at least one song from Drake to dominate the market. Sometimes it’s a solo song, other times he’s a featured artist on someone else’s.  Sometimes it’s an anthem for women, other times is an emo rap/sung ballad. It’s undeniable that he’s made lots of good songs. But despite all the albums and singles, none of them are classic. 

Drake songs have an average shelf life of 3-6 months months and then they disappear like tree leaves in the winter. They don’t pop up in the clubs after that arc, they’re not go to songs for the reunion or weddings. Once the moment has passed for his songs, they’re never to be heard from again. His music is good for a summer but not for a lifetime. No one really speaks about his albums after the time frame ends. Even with So Far Gone, it’s 10 year anniversary re-release a few months ago was hype that lasted maybe a week. 

Many of his counterparts have less successful careers but they have a more substantial connection to their fans. Yo Gotti made That’s What’s Up in 2006 and it plays in any setting and will get a reaction. He made a song that was the back track for many moments for people, pre-social media. DJs can do sets of Gotti, Jeezy, or Gucci and because those songs are tied to real memories and emotions people react like it’s just come out. Old Drake songs fall flat most times. 

The superficial numbers gassed on Spotify and hyped broken records make it seem like a lot of artists are making music that will last, but time will tell most won’t. The playlist era makes the listener more fickle because the systems are literally telling you what to listen to or like. Drake has hits but I can’t think of any song that would be more than a distant memory after he retires. His music doesn’t stick to your ribs. It’s Top Ramen. Good for now but you’ll still be hungry later. 

Be clear, this is not a Drake bashing piece, its for sake of argument. If you think I’m wrong send me some suggestions of what I’m missing. 

DJ K Mean