Everyone knows the song. He’s been parading around in cowboy realness for 6 months. Only has an accent when he’s rap singing. Where did he come from?  Who is he really?  

In light of the court proceedings for Tekashi 6ix9ine Daniel Hernanadez, I think it’s time we really take a look around at our culture. It’s no secret people sometimes present themselves as an embellishment or flat out made up version of themselves to make it in the industry. But some people literally come from nowhere and don’t really have any backstory of substance. 

I have been skeptical of Lil Nas X since the day I found out about him. The internet will have you believe that he just lucked up on a viral video that jump right on to radio but anyone with even a little common sense knows that’s not how things work. Then the media started this big fuss about a random beef with Country radio charts. Then another artist who was notoriously rejected by Country is added to the song and it gets bigger?  What kinda Hannah Montana story is that?

Old Town Road is huge. No one makes it to the top of any charts, especially the Country charts, by pure luck. It takes a lot of money.  Even more money for an artist nobody has ever heard of. I can only deduce that Nas was either plucked from his Twitter troll ranks and polished up to play a part or that he’s literally an Android made in a lab. It’s a coin toss at this point. I don’t believe he wrote that song. I don’t believe he is musically inclined AT ALL.  He’s a transplant. A social experiment. A spy for the hip hop police maybe? I don’t know, but I don’t trust it. 

Usually someone as bubbling as him would be doing interviews all the time but I’ve only seen bare minimum press. He hardly speaks and when he does it’s very general. He recently appeared on Lebron James’ HBO show The Shop: Uninterrupted.  The only time he said anything during the entire show is when they asked him about his “coming out” and big hit.  He’s like a black life sized Woody from Toy Story, when humans are around he only says his predetermined lines. What happened when Andy goes to school? We don’t know. 

All & all he’s managed to stay on the radar while actually being under it. His biography very generic, nothing that wouldn’t be true for half the people that will see this. He’s a chameleon. Is he in the sunken place?  Maybe I’m wrong and he’s an open book. Maybe I’ve been in the wrong library. Tell me he’s real & how you’re convinced? I’m not. 

DJ K Mean