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Reboots and remakes are everywhere you look. From Fuller House to A Star is Born, most Intellectual Property (IP) has been or is going to be reimagined for a brand new or older yet wiser audience. Which brings me to the newest version of Hamlet explained through animals with somewhat off putting ageist/racial undertones: The Lion King. To be honest with you, this is basically the exact same movie you saw as a kid. 75% of the dialogue was beat for beat identical with the original. You really go to see this movie to watch real lions sing and trot around like royalty. Psychotropic effects would definitely boost the viewing experience  of this unreal reality effortlessly placed in front of you. The photo realistic animation of the animals is frighteningly life like. Highlights are Seth Rogen and Billy Eisner as Pumbaa & Timon, John Oliver as Zazu, and Beyonce Knowles as Nala.

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Nala had way more to say in this version. Her role as a uncrowned queen was amplified. James Earl Jones was flawless as usual playing King Mufasa. Donald Glover went out of his way to have such a relatable version of Simba; you could hear the trauma in his voice from stampede PTSD. Shame the race war between the Noble lions and nasty scavenger hyenas is amplified into a bigger detrimental metaphor than before. “Remember everything the light touches is our kingdom, except for that section over there with those animals. Screw those guys.” That’s basically the lesson in this movie: Segregation works when it comes to the right group that don’t fit in the circle of life ideology? Idk, but the new versions of “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” and “Be Prepared” were the bright spots in heavy exposition scenes. Missed Jeremy Irons but all in all, this is a trippy trip down memory lane. Would definitely consider it a date or family time movie. Enjoy yourself. We will talk again soon.