We live in a society that appears to be somewhat caught up in the “what can you do for me?” mentality.¬† We often¬†focus on¬†how many follow us on social media and like our posts.¬† We like to show the great things going on¬†in our lives.¬† And to be honest, there is nothing wrong with sharing those great moments with the world.¬† Some may choose to¬†follow those that appear to have it together. The “who’s who” that always look good, drives the best car, has a fabulous job, and other exciting things.¬† One may think by knowing/following these type of people, he or she can produce the ‘ quick come up’, he or she desires.

Indeed, it is important to surround yourself with people who have been where you are trying to go, or those you simply admire for one reason or the other.¬†¬† Nothing wrong with working connections!¬† I am not saying that at all.¬† However, I would like to pose a question for you—Have you ever thought about who would be in your corner if you lost everything?¬† What if you got laid off, or you found out a business partner stole money from you? Who would be there for you if your marriage was over, your children started acting out? How about something really serious like you were a victim of identity theft or you got really sick?¬† You’ve made all the connections.¬† You have thousands of followers on social media.¬† You are in the sorority/fraternity.¬† You have a wonderful church home.¬† You come from a great family.¬† You have friends from elementary, middle, and high school.¬† You have the wonderful neighbors. But, what truly happens when the blows of life send you way off track?¬† Who is there for you then?

Have you ever thought about who is truly loyal to you?  Are people only connected to you based off of what you bring to the table?  Or, do you only speak to people that bring something to the table?   Again, nothing wrong with working connections, but I  want to define what it means to be loyal.


Webster dictionary defines loyal as¬† ‘unswerving in allegiance’. ¬† Now, I would admit there are times¬†where life demands so much¬†from you that it is hard to¬†keep¬†in touch with those that are nearest and dearest to you.¬† ¬†Even though you may not speak everyday, every week, or every month, there are some people you know will be there for you no matter what.¬† They have you seen you at your best and they are your biggest cheerleaders.¬† They have seen you at your worst and they didn’t leave.¬† They are happy for you and all your accomplishments, still they are more concerned with your heart, your peace, your joy, and your happiness.

Many times the people you may want to be there for you are not.¬† Maybe they are experiencing the demands of life and cannot be there for this particular situation.¬† They still love you, but they are empty.¬†¬†That’s understandable.

Maybe they are not there because they were only there when things were going well for you.¬†¬†You cannot allow yourself to get too caught up in these people.¬†¬†¬†You always¬†call them and they never call or text you to see how you are doing.¬†¬†¬†Don’t go out of your way for these people.

You have to pray and ask God to show you who are the people that are really¬† in your corner.¬† And be prepared for the answer! You may be really surprised at the ones that are just around you because you have so many great things going on in your life.¬† They could care less if your world has been turned upside down or not.¬† Hold on to those that love you for you no matter what storm comes your way. Cherish those relationships.¬† Challenge yourself to evaluate your relationships.¬† Everyone won’t have box seats to watch your life unfold!

Maybe you need to become a better friend or let a few people go.  Some are here for just a season.   Choose wisely!

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