This past weekend in my eyes made TV history, and no I’m not speaking of the BET 2017 Award Show (even though¬†this year in my opinion didn’t do all that good), I’m talking about my experience in being a part of the exclusive private screening of the soon to be summer hit show¬†Snowfall. Created by the man himself, ¬†John Singleton¬† has done it again.¬†Giving us nothing¬†but perfection¬†as the director and¬†writer¬†you know this¬†is going to be¬†epic. ¬†The brains behind Boyz N the Hood, Poetic Justice, Higher Learning, Baby Boy, and the historical film Rosewood, John¬†has taken¬†us into his world again.

Gracing us with is presence on Saturday at the¬†AMC¬†Esquire 7,¬†Singleton and the cast and crew of Snowfall came to¬†St. Louis¬†and¬†blessed us with privilege to watch the¬†first episode¬†of the summer season. Which, in my opinion is Singleton’s best so far.¬†I don’t want to give away too much but imagine if Boyz N The Hood, American Gangster, and Power all had a baby that’s Snowfall. A in¬†your face, no sugar-coating, if ya scared go to church type of show.¬†Singleton did not hold back, it’s the prerequisite of Boyz N¬†The Hood, it tells the story of how the crack epidemic and gangs came about in our community.¬†¬†

Just to give a you a snippet, Snowfall is placed in the early 80’s of Los Angeles, the disco era is fading out, hip-hop is on its way in, and crack is the new drug of choice. It involves all the those who unfortunately floated and shipped this poison into our communities. So yep Singleton did not withhold the entire truth of how our own government killed off its people. The oooohs and ahhhs were on a level 10, the energy was so lit ya’ll.¬† Plus, those who were invited (because we are special…. lol) had the opportunity to participate in an open panel discussion after the¬†screening, which was moderated by our very own Osei the Dark Secret of 100.3 The Beat.¬†

The entire cast those behind or in-front of the screen were so eager and gracious to explain their experience when making the film, and a few are not bad on the eye as well (lead role actor, Damson Idris).¬† So, if you haven’t picked up my friendly gesture. PLEASE, PLEASE tune in to Snowfall July 5th, 2017, on FX to¬†witness a show that is sure to inspire and spark a global conversation.





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