Graduating with a master’s degree in communications, Lourie believed she would be the number entertainment publicist in St. Louis. Like so many other graduates in society, finding employment related to her degree seemed almost impossible. Lourie decided to “walk on water” and follow her number one dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Lourie put her love for public relations and accessories together creating Trendy Vybe and became her own marketing extraordinaire!

Trendy Vybe’s mission is to boldly conquer risk through style while fearlessly achieving greatness!


Lets learn more about Lourie and Trendy Vybe!

What inspired you to start Trendy Vybe?

LP: Women should take pride in creating their own style. Sometimes wearing BOLD accessories can create a sense of fear. Statement pieces with the right outfit can cause panic and anxiety. We don’t know how others will respond or if we actually look AMAZING! A photographer advised me to choose models according to their confidence level and personality. We want the accessories to connect with the audience. That inspired the brand to challenge the average and pursue out the box. We encourage women to take BOLD & FEARLESS risks in style!


When was Trendy Vybe launched?

LP: We made our debut in May 2015 on Super Curly Sunday. Our online boutique and official launch celebration was June 2015.  Our first six months have been Awesome and look forward
to our first year celebration! Our social media presence on FB, Instagram and Pinterest has connected our brand with women beyond our target market.


What are some things you look for when purchasing accessories?

LP: First and foremost, our number one priority is quality and affordability. Also, we strive for out the box and one of kind designs.  We LOVE to inspire confidence with style and creativity. To hear a woman say “I never thought about wearing something like this” makes us more than a brand. We relate to that woman who will thrive outside of their comfort zone.


Where do you see Trendy Vybe in a year?

LP: Next Trendy Vybe will explore men’s accessories and leather handbags. Our business plans will continue to provide quality and affordable accessories for a larger market. The mix has the potential to ensure a global reach.  We are excited to broaden our future horizons.


One fun fact about yourself.

LP: Laughter, music and a glass a wine (shout out to Stella Rosa)

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