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Samantha Lomax, a registered nurse by trade and fashion designer by passion, was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. She emerged into the fashion industry at full force launching her own brand of shoes, 6th&Madison. 6th&Madison was inspired by her desire to furnish her daughter with the traditional little girl shoes. Samantha took her savings and some of her retirement money to invest in her vision and has seen nothing but success since. After the first week of business she sold over 300 pairs of shoes! With the support of St. Louis and others across the United States, Samantha is currently working on a Spring Collection!



Let’s get to know more about Samantha and 6th&Madison!

When did you launch 6th&Madison? 

SL: I have been working on the 6th&Madison project for over 2 years, but it recently launched accepting online orders August 3, 2015.


What is the meaning behind the name 6th&Madison?

 SL: Madison is her name and on the 6th of October she was born!  I have a 6 year old daughter that was the inspiration for my shoe line. Sounds cliché but its true. I had trouble finding traditional little girl shoes for her.  My obstacles were poor quality, overpricing, or simply “we sell nothing but tennis shoes here”.  I originally wanted to release the shoe line on her birthday.  For opportunity purposes I decided against it but the date and name remained. 6th&Madison sounds like a prestigious street. I love it!


What new colors can we expect to see from 6th&Madison in the spring? 

 SL: I just ordered new leather swatches for our spring release. I will let you know that one of them is in the “purple” family. The other colors are yet to be determined.  We are considering doing something fun like letting the customers choose one of our spring colors.  Additionally, I have designed a sandal and a canvas shoe for spring/summer ’16’.  We are looking forward to their release as well.


 Where do you see 6th&Madison in 5 years? 

 SL: The response has been overwhelming and we’ve had many local shops and boutiques reach out to us for wholesale orders. However, I would love to see 6th&Madison in major department stores across the United States. Parents just as myself want these traditional yet fashionably cute shoes for their girls. The department stores will help me reach that market.  6th&Madison’s sales report from the first two weeks in operation and the faith I have in my God tells me that IT IS POSSIBLE!


One fun fact about yourself? 

SL: I did not major in fashion or marketing, I have a B.S. in Nursing. I work as a Registered Nurse by day in the Emergency Room saving lives. I use that same love and compassion when I pack each shoe.  6th&Madison brings a different type of gratitude when I see the impact on how it reaches others. It is a dream I had over two years ago and every night I dream about what is next to come.



For more information on 6th&Madison: www.6thMadison.com or @6thMadison on IG.

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