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Marlaina Blackshear the owner of Bellish Glam Bar, hand makes massage oil candles that are made with Shea Butter, Almond Oil, and Vitamin C. Her products are great for your home and are all natural moisturizers for your body. Light, Melt, Rub!

It has always been Marlaina’s dream to own her own company and to find a niche in the retail market. Marlaina has learned a lot of things along the way and enjoying every moment of it.

“Long days and nights become easy as I am pursuing my dream while trying to help others along the way”.

Marlaina’s unique craft has brought a lot of people satisfaction which ensures her that she is on the right path. Being an entrepreneur has opened Marlaina’s eyes to so many things and has given her the opportunity to live life.

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Let’s get to know Marlaina and Bellish Glam Bar!

What is the inspiration behind the name Bellish Glam Bar?

MB: My Inspiration behind the name Bellish Glam Bar came from the word “embellish.” I took the meaning of “embellish” as to adorn or make more attractive. I originally began to feed my entrepreneur visions as an online accessories boutique. As the market of boutiques began to grow I decided to find the niche that boutiques would need. That one product being my candles that are a natural moisturizer. Once I began to make candles I stuck with Bellish Glam Bar to remind me of my journey. Each candle is made with ingredients such as shea butter and almond oil and can be customized making the normal home décor candle more attractive or embellished!

When was Bellish Glam Bar Founded?

MB: Bellish Glam Bar was Founded in 2011.

Are there any other business ventures you foresee Bellish Glam
Bar tapping into?

MB: I’m currently studying to receiving my Series 7 license as a stock broker and increase my knowledge of the finance industry. I got my fingers crossed and prayers sent for wonderful things. I’m learning a lot and definitely will be creating an opportunity for myself as an entrepreneur in St. Louis.

What is your daily motivation to keep you moving forward as an entrepreneur?

MB: My customers motivate me to go hard! I receive a lot of great feedback from my customers; it’s truly a blessing to be able to make others feel good and present them with something different. When I see them smiling once they massage the candles on their skin and seeing their faces light up makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something great.

One fun fact about yourself

MB: I’m a thrill seeker I’ve been sky diving and swam with sharks!!

Thank you Marlaina!!

Trust me you will love and enjoy Bellish Glam Bar’s products! I am a witness! To learn more about Bellish Glam Bar and purchase your candles and wax melts today go over to:

IG and Facebook @bellishglambar

Personal Facebook: Marlaina Bellish Glam Bar Blackshear

Shop online www.bellishglambar.com

Email: bellishglambar@gmail.com


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