A design-minded creative with a flair for fashion, Lillian is a visionary that intertwines visual imagination and artistic awareness of trends, textiles, and fabrics to translate her ideas into clothing. Her personal style influences the development of new apparel and accessories by creating original designs or refashioning articles of clothing. Creativity flows through everything she designs!


In addition to having a passion for designing, Lillian has created a platform in model coaching for children. Lillian helps her models build confidence and teaches them to bring it on the runway!


Lets get to know more about Lillian!

What is the name of your clothing line?


What motivated you to start LAHA?

LT: My daughter.

What is the inspiration behind the designs of LAHA?

LT: All things glamorous.

What are your plans for LAHA in the near future?

LT:  A boys line as well as an all kids fashion show.

What advice would you give to others emerging into fashion industry?

LT: There will always be road blocks and obstacles. Always keep your faith and don’t allow anything to stand in your way!

One fun fact about yourself?

LT: I went to school to be a mechanic!

For more information on LAHA: or @laha_clothing on IG.

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