The now veteran actress shines alongside her costars but will FOX give the series a chance?

Many of you may recall shows like Terra Nova or Almost Human which starred Michael Ealy and Karl Urban. Both shows had early dismissals from the FOX line up even with a growing support. Minority Report is just as good if not better and has an awesome line up. For a refresher Minority Report is on the 2002 Steven Spielberg film of the same name which starred Tom Cruise and Colin Farrell. This show led by actress Meagan Good, Wilmer Valderrama (That 70’s Show) and  and Stark Sands takes place ten years after the original Minority Report left off when the PreCrime dept got shutdown and the “Precog” (a group of three children who from birth were experimented on and in their early years showed Precognitive abilities)children freed to live normal lives.

The Rundown

Megan stars as Detective Lara Vega with the DC Police Department. In this pilot episode she gets called to the scene of a homicide that Dash played by Stark Sands tries to prevent without success.  Dash is troubled he is unable to stop the crimes he sees beforehand because it takes all three Precog’s to see the full picture of the future he sees. He follows Lara and gives her his notebook he uses to draw his visions. With the help of the city’s high-tech tracking equipment she finds him and they team up to piece together the clues to the homicide and the events to follow. Like the movie beforehand this show features some pretty high tech police equipment and visual effects. Given the high budget it takes to produce a show of this caliber. I hope Fox Network keeps it on longer then it has with previous shows of this type. It really has a great premise and very talented cast and writers.



You can catch Minority Report on FOX on Monday nights check your local listings for times.

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