#ScalpCare This Sage Infused Black Soap Shampoo Can’t Stay Stocked!

We’ve been noticing that black soap shampoos are becoming more and more popular lately and after doing some research we’ve found some great benefits, one of the most popular being for the overall health of the scalp. So, we scoured the web to compare some of the most popular shampoos and we found one we absolutely love!


Fortify’d Naturals Sage Infused Black Soap Shampoo checks all the boxes and cannot stay stocked! This product is a favorite amongst naturals because its certified vegan and organic ingredients help to thoroughly clean the scalp and promote hair growth. The shampoo is easily applied using the provided nozzle and gently cleanses the scalp. So, we reached out to the founder, Head Mixtress and self-proclaimed Game Changer, Tracy Golbourne for a few facts about the black soap shampoo, and she gave us tons of info…


Did you know???

  • …That sage actually regulates sebum production? An overproduction of sebum can clog the follicle and prevent hair growth. And underproduction of sebum will result in excessive dry scalp.
  • …That peppermint helps to increase blood flow to the artery that feeds the hair follicle, which will directly result in hair growth?
  • …That black soap is a natural antibacterial, antioxidant-rich and contains properties, which treat eczema. It also naturally contains carotene, which helps to reduce cell damage.

After learning all of this, we will definitely be adding black soap shampoo to our wash routine. This shampoo is available on FortifydNaturals.com and in beauty supply stores across the country.


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