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5 Reasons WOC Should Shop at

Even with more and more brands working to be inclusive of multiple ethnicities, the progress isn’t significant enough. But thankfully, the era of feeling unsatisfied after leaving a beauty supply store because it didn’t cater to your skin color or hair type is coming to an end because of companies like Coil Beauty. Coil Beauty is an online store that allows you to browse and shop for products specifically for people of color. Founded by Aisha Shannon-Bates, a women who often became frustrated with her retail shopping experiences, Coil Beauty strives to offer a variety of products, personal touches and excellent customer engagement, while listening and acting on your feedback. Those reasons alone are enough to get us excited, but here are 5 more reasons why you should shop at Coil Beauty and get the online shopping experience you deserve.

  1. Thanks to Coil Beauty there will be no more pointless trips to the beauty supply store and leaving empty handed because of insufficient products for women of color. 
  2. You can browse and shop for hours at one location, without leaving the comfort of your own home! Staying in bed, while still in your pajamas, makes shopping for hair, skin or makeup products less stressful.
  3. You can avoid awkward interactions with employees that don’t understand your needs or know the benefits and uses of certain products. On, you can comfortably search and find products from brands that are tried and true!
  4. Coil Beauty isn’t just for WOMEN of color, but also has products for men and children as well, so you can shop for your entire family!
  5. Who knows you better than those who have the same needs as you? Shopping at Coil Beauty gives you access to all the brands and products tried and researched just for you and made for and by people of color. 

“It should be just as easy and enjoyable for people of color to find beauty products as it is for everyone else”, as stated on the Coil Beauty website. Click hereto shop Coil Beauty and find out what they’re all about. Follow them on social media @CoilBeauty.

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