I honestly can’t even type up a paragraph about this—but I will. This topic itself should be listed in the dictionary, under the word hypocrisy. I have never in all my life seen how a country will work tirelessly to mislabel domestic terrorism. When I say this country’s media outlets will scramble faster than roaches trying to avoid the light—they move quick.

When it comes to mass shootings involving white males, the media will cape harder than ever to ensure the term “domestic terrorism” isn’t used. Somehow, an array of damaging terms and name-calling slips their minds when it’s a terrorist act at the hands of a white person. Better yet, you hardly ever see a white person paraded across news screens, or white on white crime brought up in conversations to make a point. In its poor effort to remain unbiased, the media can only find slanderous colloquialisms when it comes to people of color.

I could waste your time and hit you with all the statistics of how there are just as many white on white crimes as there is black on black, and how people kill based on proximity, but why bother? All you have to do is watch what happens the next time a black person is killed at the hands of a police officer—America is going to swipe that black on black crime card faster than an EBT card at the first of the month.

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