What do these businesses have in common? Black people are animals, they obviously make them nervous, just people to make them rich and they have the police on speed dial for unnecessary bullshit.

For Shea Moisture and H&M, they learned the true power of black people, and it came in the form of Black Twitter. After two public embarrassments, both companies came with a sorry apology for what was “an insensitive attempt” to broaden their cultural platform—not knowing their advertisements would offend black people. As if a black boy in a monkey sweatshirt wouldn’t obviously offend a race of people historically referred to as monkeys.

Moving on.

Following in Starbucks’ steps, LA Fitness has now joined the long boycotting list of businesses black people have to shut down. All because some white people are still somehow trapped in the 1950’s and forget that black and white people can be in the same spaces as them.

Apparently, it has also escaped their minds that in 2018, we have a right to refuse their questions and harassment and ignore them when they’re silly tripping. For whatever reason, it hasn’t sunk in that we have the same rights as they do. So, it seems another business is probably going to have to go through racial bias training for their employees……cue the white tears AGAIN.

Starbucks To Close For One Day……Cue The White Tears


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