I get it America. We are a superpower and for whatever reason, this country is hell bent on being a beacon of hope for other countries but fails to take care of its own.

I’m not even going to pretend like I am a political analyst who lives and breathes world politics. I am not by far remotely interested in half of it. In most cases, I find a lot of the information fabricated and I don’t have years of my life to dig to the bottom of the BS barrel to find the truth. Though, I will say this, some issues are easy to spot on the surface.

And, they are blatant acts of racism and discrimination. I could throw Katrina in here too, but we’ll stick to Flint for now.

The Flint water crisis came to the forefront in 2014. Today, over 100,000 residents of Flint are still dealing with contaminated water. To make matters worse, they are now cutting off the supply of bottled water service. Now, if you’re wondering where Flint is, let’s put on our Carmen Sandiego outfit and head to the globe. Flint, is a city within the state of Michigan—which happens to be inside the United States—and is also predominately black. In other words, Flint is an American city, but America has the IDGAF attitude about it and is slow dragging to fix the issue. Because what does America hate more than Muslims and Mexicans—yep, you guessed it, black people.

Forget the fact, these residents are tax-paying citizens who were paying water and sewer bills. No that’s not important—because they’re black. Yet, good ole USA has managed to place itself in the middle of an international situation. Let me make this disclaimer. In no way, do I feel the people of Syria deserve what happened to them. No government entity has the right to kill or mistreat its citizens. Well, no country other than this one—still and all, the USA has put on its cape and ran to save the day less than a year of Syria’s chemical attack.

While, the people of Flint are still, even 4 years later without clean water. Now, we don’t have to call it racism, but it’s certainly looking something like it.

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