I saved this for last because this is as racist as America can get. It’s not to say the rest of the points listed aren’t just as bad, this one just takes the cake. And, you would have to be Stevie Wonder blind to say it does not. Over the last couple of years, black people found out that white people’s love for the national anthem is apparently so strong, they are willing to collude, cast out and blackball to protect it.  

In 2016, Colin Kaepernick decided to stand up for his rights and exercise his Freedom of Speech—it’s in the first amendment. Granted, when it was written it didn’t apply to black people—however, I believe it did in 2016—I’m still confirming this though. Anyway, in response to the increased shooting deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of police officers, Kaepernick decided to take a knee during the National Anthem. Well originally it was a seat, but because white people feel the need to control everything—even the way we protest—he changed it to a knee.

They love their National Anthem, so much so, they went out of their way to change the narrative of why he was protesting—draft less than qualified white athletes—not show up to games—burning jerseys (wasting their money by the way)—and threaten to wash their hands of the NFL altogether. They even managed to find slanderous labels they can’t seem to dig up when it’s them killing large groups of people to call him.

Cue the collusion.

Even though, more than half of the NFL teams are made up with black people—many of the owners are white—ticket buyers are white—coaches are white, this was not acceptable. Naturally, this type of behavior, yes, I said behavior, cannot and will not be tolerated by America. Not from black people anyway. But maybe it’s something else. Maybe they just really love the national anthem. Who knows, I doubt it though.

I mean let’s be honest, next to apple pie and baseball—America loves the shit out of racism. It’s the American way.


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