For anyone who wasn’t paying attention, this one may have slipped right under your radar. A few news stories circulated, but for the most part, they kept this almost as quiet as the Catholic church scandal—mum was the word. If you don’t know who Mohamed Noor is then they certainly kept this locked tighter than Prince’s vault filled with unreleased tracks.

Up until a month ago, Noor was a police officer with the Minneapolis Police Department. That was until he was fired and charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter for killing Justine Diamond. Noor like many black cops, found out blue lives only matter when your WHITE.

If you’re thinking what I’m thinking—then yes, it is possible for the justice system to convict police officers who kill unarmed civilians. It is also possible for the justice system to respond to public outrage and serve justice where it should be served. But, don’t get too excited. Justice only comes in the form of a Mike Tyson TKO if you are of the darker, melanin-filled complexion and your victim is of the melanin deficient complextion.

Noor, a Somalian-American, fatally shot Diamond in 2016 after responding to her call regarding a possible rape near her home. Sound familiar? It should because it’s the same situation that happened to Seattle resident, Charleena Lyles—who called the police because of an attempted burglary at her home. Although, in this case Lyles, who was black, ended up dead and the officers involved were white. In America, white police officers are only afraid of unarmed, black people. When there is an armed, psychotic white person ready to die for the cause—they instantly turn into Captain America and deescalate the situation.

I guess fear sees color.

Only in America, does a white officer shoot an unarmed black person, and they get to sit at home on paid administrative leave. Only in the land of the free, do they get to take the thousands raised for their defense, disappear, and live comfortably. They are cleared of all charges by a jury of their peers. Fret not though, this only happens if they’re white because Officer Noor will be heading to jail.

Without passing go. Without collecting his $200….


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