What’s worse than a group of pissed off black people? I’ll tell you. A group of alt-right, neo-Nazi, white nationalists who are pissed off about a Confederate monument of some white man (who probably owned slaves by the way) being removed.

I’ll be the first to admit when I first heard about the alt-right committee raiding Home Depot’s garden department—I laughed hard as hell. I mean Tiki-torches though? Only racist, white people will show up to their own racist event with another culture’s item. It honestly reminded me of that KKK horse raid scene in Django Unchained when they had gotten together to kill Django and the other bounty hunter but got distracted about the holes in their masks—and well you know what happened. Unfortunately, for Charlottesville, things went a little differently.

Thanks to Christopher Columbus, people of colonizing decent feel they are entitled to everything in America. The roads, the aisles in the supermarket, any public space, and confederate (slavery reminders) monuments. For the city of Charlottesville, Virginia, they learned quickly about white entitlement and how racist an enormous amount of white people still are.

In 2017, Charlottesville’s streets were lit up with Tiki-torches and filled angry white people. Hundreds of white supremacists yelled—destroyed property—ran over people with cars—assaulted other protesters—and everything else you can think of. But, the thing that rang aloud was how both Agent Orange and the police officers handled this situation.

Unlike the protests in Baltimore, Chicago, Ferguson, and New York—when there were black people, there was not one National Guard in sight as the city erupted in chaos. There was no SWAT presence on the streets—no military tanks—no tear gas bombs—no military grade weapons—no excessive force exhibited by the police.

Even knowing the violent history of the KKK, white supremacists, and Nazis—they were not treated like terrorists in their own city. The police made no attempts to scramble law enforcement entities to ensure the protests didn’t get out of hand—they stood by, and watched it happen like it was a sports event and they were angry about their team losing.

Also, in true fashion, the incompetent, Twitter finger champion stepped up to the podium and didn’t offer up an ounce of condemnation for the unlawful actions of these thugs—I mean peaceful protestors. Well wait a minute, he did say many sides were to blame, so I guess this may count, or not. Only in America, are protests considered riots and protestors are labeled thugs when your black and exercising that first amendment thingy.

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