BROCK TURNER vs. BRIAN BANKS (and other falsely accused & imprisoned black men)

This situation is an exact duplication of the Cosby versus Weinstein situation. White men can knowingly rape women and walk free or receive a lesser punishment, while black men, are severely punished, possibly never to see daylight again. In these cases, the state of California proved that a young, white male who rapes someone—life should not be disrupted and halted by spending time in prison or placed on the sex offenders list. While a young, falsely accused, black man’s life is of no real value. Forget the fact Turner did rape her—was identified by witnesses—and later admitted it. This case was nothing more than America’s usual dosage of over-sentencing blacks for the same crimes they give whites a slap on the wrists for.

For Brock Turner, a North Cal resident—white privilege showed up like the Publishers Clearing House prize patrol before your lights get cut off. Turner, a student at Stanford was convicted of raping an unconscious, intoxicated, white female student in an alley. Turner, 20-years-old at the time faced 14 years in jail. But, thanks to his schmoozing daddy, and a white, filled with the holy spirit judge who felt prison would ruin his life, he only received a 6-month sentence—out in 3-months if he displayed good behavior.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve never know prison to make anybody’s life better. Even in Monopoly, jail slows up your flow, but I digress. Moving on.

For Southern Cal resident, Brian Banks, he was not as fortunate. In 2002, after spending an afternoon with a girl—life changed overnight. In high school at the time, Banks was falsely accused of rape, tried as an adult, and faced up to 41 years in prison. Yes, I said 41 years—for the same damn crime—in the same state. Though both Banks and the alleged victim was black, all the courts saw was another young, black male—primed and ready to fill another prison cell.

When the dust settled, Banks was falsely imprisoned for five years and received an extra five years parole for a crime he didn’t commit upon being released. While Brock Turner received a slap on the wrist for a crime he did commit. Neither of them had criminal records prior to the incidents, yet and still there was a 27-year difference in sentencing.

Oh, to be a white rapist in America with a get out of jail free card.

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