Let me start by saying this—I am no way advocating for either of these two men, or their actions. Rape and sexual assault are very serious crimes and should be handled as such. No man, regardless to fame or fortune, should be given a pass for harming another individual. However, I can’t help but point out the obvious. Over a span of decades, both men have done despicable acts against women—only the black one seems to be still under public scrutiny and facing legal issues.

According to several news outlets, Weinstein has received over 50 sexual assault claims from women—most of them being high-profiled white women. Now let’s be clear, if we don’t know anything about this country, we know it comes to the defense of its white women. Still, even after a plethora of Hollywood actresses, and other film industry employees spoke out against him—not one, single legal charge has been brought against him. I’m no Inspector Gadget by any means, but I’m pretty sure, if they’d done even the slightest bit of police work—they would’ve found a recent incident within the statute of limitations just like they did for Cosby.

Sadly, good old Bill hasn’t been as lucky. To date, Cosby has had roughly the same number of women come forward. What kind of women do you ask? Yep, you guessed it—white women. There have been a couple black ones too, but America ain’t never caped for a black woman, so moving on. History has shown, this country, in all its glory will destroy a black man for even the slightest mistreatment towards a white woman (i.e. Emmett Till, OJ Simpson). Still Cosby, a black man, who is in the same league as Weinstein, is getting hauled off to court with the strong possibility of not collecting his $200 and heading straight to jail.

Weinstein, like most rich and powerful Hollywood white men, will continue making money and fondling women and men, and when the fire gets too hot, they’ll fade into the background, and check into “rehab” for “their problem.” Whatever that may be, but it kind of sounds like white privilege prevails again.

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