[Disclaimer: I am truly happy for Alice Johnson, but since I don’t trust Trump—I am compelled to give my thoughts about this new prison thing he has going on. But, I’m happy she was freed since she was extremely over-sentenced to begin with.]

Moving on…

All hail the chairperson for the culture appropriation committee—Kim Kardashian. It might be time to run all our black issues with this country through our newest spokesperson since she and Kanye are who Trump is listening to. It seems that she has been working tirelessly to keep her appropriated black card valid. When she’s (and her sisters ) not stealing borrowing the black culture, denying Kanye’s mental status, or keeping him from swallowing his foot at every turn—she’s doing good for the black community.

And as of last year, she’s gotten wind of Alice Johnson.

[Disclaimer: Kim Kardashian could genuinely have this brand-new love for female prisoners (i.e. Cyntonia Brown) and could possibly care about the amassed amount of black people rightfully (or falsely) imprisoned. It could also be possible I’m being a complete asshole about her genuine interest in helping us black folks…possibly. I doubt it though.]

Kim Kardashian Steps Up For Cyntoia Brown

Moving on…

If you’ve been paying attention to the not so fake news—it seems Donny Dinko has gotten this wacky idea that Kim and Kanye are the golden tickets for his Wakanda entry and to secure his 2020 black vote. Apparently, he believes the Kardashians have some unknown brand of magical powers over black men, and since they’ve collected black body parts—he should listen to them about all things black. One of them being the unfair sentencing and imprisonment of black people (since they can obviously relate to this).

Somehow, due to the semi-large quantities of black men they have dated—the Kardashians have collected enough black data and are the go-to consultants about sentencing inequities among minorities and prison reform.

Which brings me to my point of the Bad Tan Man not freeing Alice Johnson out of the goodness of his heart. Since he contradicts himself five minutes after his first point is made, it wasn’t hard to come up with reasons as to why this is somehow a ploy to win over the hearts and minds of black people (via the free-thinking Kanye).

[Disclaimer: Trump is probably perpetrating as a racist to expose the “real racists” and he really does care about “the blacks” due to his affiliation with Ben Carson, Diamond & Silk, Omarosa—and the fact that he can count his black friends. It could also be possible I’m being a Trump hater about his newfound concern for black folks rotting away in prison…probably. I doubt it though.]

Moving on…

According to ProPublica, whites are four times more likely than blacks to receive presidential pardons. And for a variety of reasons, this being one of them, I do not for one second believe that the King of Hypocrisy is at all concerned about Alice Johnson, prison reform, or black people and here’s why:


[long sigh] Just typing this is making me breathe heavily, but it’s certainly a main factor in this whole scenario. Trump who often speaks about himself in third person mainly did this as a self-serving way to pat his self on the back and say to the fake news reporters (and those who thinks he’s a racist), “See what I did? I do care about those people.”

To date, this is Trump’s second pardon for a black person in prison. Another pardon was granted to legendary boxer, Jack Johnson, and a few others including a corrupt Arizona sheriff (not black by the way). Apparently, Jack Johnson’s pardon was contingent upon Trump’s friendship with Sylvester Stallone (another celeb by the way). Still and all, he’s out here helping blacks and making the world a better place—one celebrity request at time.

Well, sort of.

Jack Johnson has passed so I’m pretty sure he doesn’t need a pardon. I don’t know though, maybe you need pardons in the afterlife (insert Kanye shrug). Anyway, even with Kim’s act of heroism to get her freed, Trump didn’t grant Johnson a full pardon—which would have wiped her record clean—opting instead to reduce her sentenceEre go, his kiss the ring—God complex. Even with this minute attempt at a semi-good deed and clear indication of over-sentencing, he still had to prove that he was in control and that we should be grateful he did this much (because she could still be in there) and not overthink his motives that are obviously done in good conscience.

[Disclaimer: Trump could be gearing up to release more black people because he sees the error of his fellow white supremacists ways and I’m simply being a cynic about the whole situation. For all I know, there is a possibility he could break Obama’s pardon record before he leaves office…possibly. I doubt it though.]

Moving on…


Trump is the definition of an oxymoron. He literally says and does things that are the exact opposite of what he just said or did. Which is why I’m not buying this whole cooked up prison reform agenda. Just three months ago, he was vehemently speaking about cracking down on drug dealers and slapping them with harsher sentences (let’s not forget why he wants the wall built). To nobody’s surprise, this was due to the large amounts of pasty colonizers who have recently crossed over to greet white Jesus due to their involuntary partaking of opioids.

He even teamed up with his compadre Jeff Sessions to make sure the word got out across the country for drug offenses to be treated like as strict as murder cases. Hence, the reinstatement of “the war on drugs” and why I am still scratching my head as to why he released Alice Johnson.

Oh, never mind. I forgot Kim Kardashian did that.

Though, it leaves to question will there be more pardons like this? If on one hand, Trump has told the Justice Department to show about as much mercy to drug dealers as slave owners showed to runaway slaves—how will this prison reform really work. Like Alice Johnson, there are hundreds of first-time non-violent, drug offenders who have been thrown the book and locked away. Will this new drug policy affect his decisions to pardon more first-time drug offenders?

Will the great white hope we know as Kim Kardashian be using her prison ministry to help other prisoners in need? Hmmm…

[Disclaimer: Chances are Trump has a phenomenal plan that proves he is really a genius and has figured out the key to fixing this prison issue that doesn’t contradict his new drug policy and keeps his white judge friends happy. I’m sure my overthinking of him never really having anything close to a decent plan and just tweeting stupid shit out is unwarranted…maybe. I doubt it though.]

Moving on…


This in a nutshell is the sole reason to why I believe Trump couldn’t give two shits about black people in or out of prison. Let’s not forget this is the same person who still believes the Central Park 5 are STILL guilty, even after someone else admitted he did it—there was no evidence they were anywhere near the park—and they’ve stated they were questioned and coerced by the NYPD for hours. 

Anyway, the Attorney General who I am more than positive came from a long line of slave owners—is the perfect example for Trump’s hypocrisy and unenthused like for black people.

Since he’s been appointed, Sessions has suspended the Forensic Science commission (could help some falsely imprisoned people)—mandated prosecutors enforce mandatory minimums—reinstated the war on drugs— and rejected police reform. Not to mention, the “black identity extremism” agenda on the horizon —and the fact he’s helped transform the Justice department into a 9-to-5 KKK gathering place.

All this pushed by Sessions who in turn is Trump’s representative (in the event he needs someone to blame) so it doesn’t appear he’s the one who is in bed with the prison industry. And we can’t forget about the fact that since he’s been in office, Trump has managed to confirm 41 judges—36 of them being white, male, and Republican.

But God bless Kim Kardashian who was sent to Trump by way of white Jesus (or Kanye) who’s lending her voice to fix some shit people who are saturated in white privilege created to begin with.

[Disclaimer: There is a chance that white privilege has absolutely nothing to do with this and Jeff Sessions, the other white judges, and Trump really do care about people not being on drugs of any kind. Perhaps, I am looking at this the wrong way and this new war on drugs agenda & high volume of white judges being appointed has nothing to do with black people and could simply be a way to put more white drug dealers in jail…perhaps. I doubt it though.]

I can find a million more reasons (such as his hidden agendas), but to save on time—we’ll just stick with these. I was thinking though. Maybe the Black and Latino prisoners should start a celebrity pen pal service (that only pairs them with white celebrities) they could send by way of Kim Kardashian’s prison ministry since it seems its the only way Trump will ever consider releasing them.

And perhaps, for the first time in reality TV history this is not a PR stunt—and Kim Kardashian is using her white privilege for good. And maybe, unlike George Bush and the other white presidents before him, Trump really does care about black people and the egregious sentencing they receive….maybe. I doubt it though.

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