There are only a few people I can say without a shadow of a doubt—I would have probably donated an organ (if the tix were too high) to see perform live. Judge me if you want, but he’s just that good. For most of my childhood, I performed song after song of his as my 45’s played on my Fisher Price turntable record player. For hours on end, I rolled on the floor singing Darling Nikki (still one of my top favs) like he did in Purple Rain, Cream and Get Off (not a kid song by the way).

Whether I was singing Adore, The Most Beautiful Girl In The World, and The Beautiful Ones to myself in the mirror, or belting out Diamonds And Pearls with my mom (her favorite song) in the front seat—Prince was indeed a part of my musical identity. I have so many stories and memories surrounding Prince it’s almost impossible to write them all down.

My entire family loves him—I was a part of the New Power Generation (honorary backup singer), I ran up a phone bill to see his music videos, and I’m almost positive my fan club membership I paid into when I was ten is still intact.

Next to Michael Jackson, Prince is without question one of my favorite singers of all-time.

If he had survived that dreadful day in April—Prince would be celebrating his 60th birthday today. For many, it felt like we lost a member of our family. His countless contributions to music would take a lifetime to write about. Though he could never be replaced or duplicated, many still honor the icon he was.

At DELUX, we love good food, good people, and of course, good music! Prince gave us plethora of the latter. Today we honor the legend with a few of our favorite pictures of him.

Comment below and tell us what your favorite Prince songs are!

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