Born on March 4th, in Memphis, TN, Kimberly Michelle Pate was destined to be one of the queens of R&B Music. With one of the hardest work ethics and one of the most powerful voices in the music genre she absolutely slays every song. But it hasn’t always been easy for the Memphis Belle. The music industry is rife for challenges for female entertainers yet K. Michelle is no wilting flower in fact she is quite the opposite.

K. Michelle the Early Years

As mentioned K. Michelle was born in Memphis, Tennessee. She is proud Florida A&M University Alum and a member of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority. A devoted lover of music K. Michelle learned to play guitar and piano at an early age and obtained a music scholarship to her Alma Mater graduating from Watkins Overton High School a for the Creative and Performing Arts in Shelby County Memphis Tennessee in the year 2000.

Music Industry Beginnings

I would have to say K. Michelle is at this point one of my favorite singers, because of advice she was given by R. Kelly, when she began her career in 2009. According to K. Michelle she only sat down with Kelly once, but was told, “as long as I write life and not music I will always have a job.” and this she has done throughout her career.

Her first project was the single “Fakin It” feat. Missy Elliot and in the same year dropped other singles such as “Fallin”, “I Just Can’t Do This”, and “How Many Times”. all of which charted on the Hot R&B/Hip Hop Charts. I am sure this about the time when a bunch of Industry B*llshit as she’d like to call it took place because her debut album Pain Medicine was never released and in October of 2011 she was bought out of her Jive Record contract.

Love and Hip Hop and Music from a Rebellious Soul

I don’t watch Love and Hip Hop but I have heard of it and while familiarizing myself more with K. Michelle all I gotta say is “WHOA!” There’s a lot of drama on that show and K. Michelle does not play! I won’t even dwell on it but in 2012 K. Michelle debuted on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and left after one season after deciding to join Love & Hip Hop New York reportedly to help with the show’s ratings and to continue her pursuit of music. During this time K. Michelle signed with Atlantic Records and in 2013 she would release her Rebellious Soul album which contained hit singles “VSOP” and “Cant Raise a Man”. Rebellious Soul was a big hit for K. Michelle it reached the number 2 spot on the Hot R&B/Hip Hop charts as well as spawned a 14 city tour, as well as The Rebellious Soul Musical directed by none other than Golden Globe winner Idris Elba.

Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart Released in 2014

New Music and Upcoming Show

K. Michelle has survived in the industry and continued to put out quality music while staying true artistically to her craft. I intentionally did not want to speak about surgeries because it’s the music I have been focusing on and if I’m being honest the many pictures over the years. K. Michelle is a sight and a sound to behold. Her latest project Kimberly: All the People I used to Know is now available in stores and all streaming platforms.

This Summer July 3rd at The Pageant will mark K. Michelle’s return to St. Louis and to the stage after time spent healing from the removal of implants. The show is going to be an amazing display of a woman who has been tried by fire and has come out even more golden and more powerful than ever. For persons who would love to meet K. Michelle in person they will have a chance! Text KMichelle to 484848 and receive information on how to attend the Meet and Greet!

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