Having grown up in this region I’m disappointed that this is the first time I’m learning about this this situation.

Out in Chesterfield there is approx. 140 acres of valuable highland (vs floodplain) property that is Black Owned (largely one family) and has been for around 100 years.

Property developments built around them are jacking up property values but also property taxes (by $4k) a burden the current residents of this highlands community struggle to keep up with. Rather than work with them to keep the area diverse and allow for current residents to stay. Developers and municipal governments are waiting them out like vultures to prey for property tax defaults. Allowing them to seize the property for a small percentage of what it’s really worth.

The aging residents that are still there are fighting to keep their property while being denied basic upgrades (non-well water and sewage) that their INCREASED taxes are used for their new neighbors in the developments at the bottom of the hill.

This is intentional and wrong.

#Repost or Share please to get the word out.

-Eddie D. Holman IV (facebook)


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