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This week has been an interesting one. From the constant madness of #45 to the ongoing protests in St. Louis regarding the injustice shown for black lives, there are a few things to talk about. This country’s past with racial tension is building and with the newest voices of this generation, it won’t be silenced any more. But not all of it has been disheartening to hear and have been quite entertaining. Thanks to some sharing men and comedic social media posts, we’ve had a few laughs in between the craziness. Though, with all of this, DELUX decided to be a part of the solution by creating something very much needed in our community. Our newest creation BLACK BOOK, we are collecting the names of black businesses throughout the city to help circulate our dollars back into our community. So, scroll down and check out what we’ve been talking about this week!



If you haven’t been paying attention to the news, then you are missing out. Two weeks out from the Stockley verdict and protestors in St. Louis are still growing strong while using their voices to demand the fair treatment and equality we deserve. Since September 14th, the streets of St. Louis have heard the cries of the oppressed and we are not running in silence. After several events have been canceled and business districts remain in an uproar, the message is clear “Stop killing us because if you don’t, we will not be silent anymore.”



If you haven’t heard about this newest gem, then you’re missing out. Coming soon, DELUX Magazine will be bringing you a directory of black businesses throughout the metropolitan area. The purpose of this is to bring the black dollar many corporations take advantage of back to our communities. In our upcoming #BUYBLACK 30 DAY CHALLENGE we want people circulate money back into our own businesses helps stimulate the small business economy in our city and even gives our communities a boost in business. We are here for this so be sure to sign your business up on the directory and be a part of this network.



We’ve all been tuned into the latest fiasco of our, (I mean ya’ll) President. If his race baiting and hateful comments were enough before, this time he went so far as to say them loud and proud at a rally in Alabama. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’ve certainly been hiding under a rock. Last week, our Twitter famous President called the NFL players who have chosen to take a knee to police brutality “sons of b_______.” Yep, you read that right and if your mouth is hanging open, well glad to know you are a human and see how this is nuts. Due to his comments, the NFL teams, coaches and their owners decided to give our illustrious President a huge middle finger to the air gesture this past week. With players, locking arms and taking a knee, it was proven they weren’t particularly fond of his comments. Though we’re not sure if this act will continue or not, but we enjoyed the solidarity displayed thanks to #45.

6 things

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The time has come and our voices are finally being heard, but the question at hand is Where is the Mayor? With previous town hall meetings scheduled, and then canceled, protestors and citizens combined are curious about the whereabouts of newly, elected Mayor Lyda Krewson. We’re not sure if she’s in hiding, but we sure hope to hear from her soon because her constituents surely have some concerns they are waiting to tell her.



Ladies, ladies, ladies! The sexiness has come upon us in the form of melanin and bearded. If you haven’t been on Facebook this past week, then you are missing out on all of the eye candy. After being added to the newest, popular group BEARD GAME MATTERS, I dove head first into one fine man after the next. Like most ladies, time flew by and as the day carried on, no work got done. I probably ran up more likes, hearts and wow emojis for an entire year. With the overflowing of beard pics, one’s timeline could become a bit flooded. Selecting the unfollow button was probably the best thing for me. My suggestion to you, if you enter, enter with caution!



“I’ll go the jail for the ……” Once again, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, then you’ve been entertained by the countless videos for the D or P challenge. Everyone from celebrities to everyday people have put their rapping skills to the tests and recording their videos. I’ve heard bars from going to jail, paying child support and even handing over a black card. Some hysterically funny and some that make you say, “ooh no they didn’t say that.” I would have to say my favorite has been Insecure star, Issa Rae and Regina Hall. Oh, Erykah Badu’s was hilarious too! Seeing people who aren’t rap artists share their bars with the world has been such a breath of fresh air from all the seriousness going on. One thing’s for sure, you can always count on social media to give you a great laugh!



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