Enter Into a Tropical Oasis with Pure Tropix Caribbean Skin Care

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Imagine yourself on a tropical island filled with all of nature’s beautiful trees, flowers, fruits and minerals. Now imagine that you needed to figure out how to use these resources to help fight skin issues such as hyperpigmentationingrown hairs and oily skin. With such an abundance of nature’s goodness at your fingertips there is sure to be some remedies here, but would you know what to use?


Well, lucky for women and men, this was the reality of the owner of Pure Tropix Caribbean skin care and what prompted him to develop this all-natural and extremely effective skin care line! Launched in 2015, Pure Tropix has amassed a huge social media following and their products that have quickly become known for being specially formulated to treat multicultural skin ailments.


With their Pearl Face Elixir and Green Ginger Tonerbeing standouts, Pure Tropix products help to achieve quick results for troubled skin. Packed with natural ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, green ginger, willow bark, papaya extract and aloe vera, these products are similar to luxury skin care products sold at Sephora and upscale department stores – without the hefty price tag. We’re definitely here for this brand as one of the best unisex skin care lines we’ve come across in a long time! You don’t want to sleep on this one!!


Pure Tropix products are available at PureTropix.com and on Amazon.


Learn more by following their Instagram @PureTropix.



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