Drake adds his personal touches to the rap game with new album

Ladies love him because he says everything they wish their man would say while guys mock him for his ‘overtly-sensitive’ lyrics.

Yet, one thing remains the same: Drake will continue to be Drake.

The highly anticipated album from Mr. Graham will definitely take you on a whirlwind of emotional and personal adventures from his life-from family to relationships that never quite got past the ‘relations’ part.


It’s been three days since the release and the hype is still very much real!

Some of the fans’ favorites seem to be: “Pound Cake,” “Too Much,” “From Time” and “Wu-tang Forever.”

Drake’s appearances on talk shows such as Ellen and Chelsea Lately have really showcased a more playful Drake-something people don’t see too often.

However, his performance of new song ‘Too Much’ on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon really drew attention.

When discussing some of the “Too Much” heart-filled lyrics on Hot97 with Angie Martinez, here’s what he had to say:

‘This song did spark a family discussion…it’s also like sentiments from a kid who wants the best for everybody…but of course, we are a family, and as a unit, we have our issues, and I chose to address them in my music…I had enough of the texting about these issues in this song, so I took it to the music.’ 

Drake expressed his gratitude for the feedback on the album and comments on him being ‘the best in the game’ as of now, but he said he’s still ‘hungry’ and ready to get back to work.

In the meantime, we will continue to vibe with this album and look forward to seeing him on his “Would You Like a Tourtour.

(Go figure!)


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