claudetteortiz_retouched_104484Few other “R&B Divas LA” cast members had a rougher backstory than Claudette Ortiz, who has endured domestic violence, a rape, two high-profile breakups, and living on the streets. In a recent interview Ortiz opened up about her struggles and the time in her life when she was homeless.

During an interview with Jet, Ortiz talks about her somber attitude during the show and explains that cameras caught her during a major transition in her life.

“When the show began taping, I was trying to rebuild my life. I went through a divorce and lost my home, and that was a really rough time for me. I also had to go to social services, and that was a struggle,” explained Ortiz, who previously told Hot 97that was homeless just a few years before she did the show.

Despite her terrible struggles, Ortiz hopes that fans will get to see her happier side if the show gets picked up for a second season.

“Next season, I hope they capture my ‘bubbliness’ and the happier side of me. I was just meeting all the ladies and now I know them,” Ortiz said.

We’re glad that Ortiz is now living in a stable home but she’s not the only star who lost everything. Check out a list of other formerly homeless celebs below. –nicholas robinson

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