From this day forward the only people who are allowed to respond to the #InMyFeelingsChallenge are Resha, KB, JT, and KiKi herself should they so choose to and that is the final word.

On Thursday at approximately 3pm EST/1pm PST, Will Smith lay the #InMyFeelingsChallenge to rest. What has been a simple video for most that stemmed from Drake’s song, In My Feelings and Instagram star Shiggy #DoTheShiggy—including new and old dance moves, some tricks and a few ghost ride moves was obliterated by the Fresh Prince of Philly.

Smith, starting his video off by looking at Ciara’s video on a mountain in Cape Town—that was the leading the pack soon faded into the wind once Smith accepted the challenge and added his finesse to it.

Since joining IG, Smith has taken the platform by storm with his hilarious and motivational videos from all over the world. Having already been crowned the King of IG, Smith proved he is living his best life by climbing the famous Chain Bridge in Budapest (illegally of course) to record his version.


“There’s no way this is legal,” he said as he climbed the stairs to the roof of the bridge.

And he’s right!

There was nothing legal about the way Smith murdered this challenge causing everyone who hasn’t recorded their video to put their phones down. At this point, if you haven’t already uploaded your video there’s no need. The wake, funeral, and burial for the #InMyFeelingsChallenge concluded on Thursday, July 12, 2018.

May it rest in peace.

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